Do the Right Thing

Kids Teaching Parents to ‘Do the Right Thing’

The RCMP has announced that its annual February Distracted Driving Enforcement Campaign is in full swing. Police across British Columbia will be on the lookout for drivers using their electronic hand held devices as well as other road safety violations.

You just have to look around to see that drivers are still using hand held phones to talk and text while driving; not to mention other distractions including flossing/brushing teeth, putting on make-up, shaving, eating bowls of cereal and reading. Enforcement is an important part of the solution, but continuing education and awareness efforts are clearly needed.

DO-THE-RIGHT-THINGIn lieu of our annual poster contest, Drop It And Drive™ is offering kids the chance to be an officer for a day with our ‘Do the Right Thing’ Students 4 Safety Program. All schools across BC are encouraged to involve their students in three areas of concern:

  • Speeding in School Zones & School Parking Lots
  • Distracted Driving
  • School Drop-off Zones

This campaign offers kids the chance to be the teacher; the poster template asks them to finish the sentence directed at parents & other drivers: ‘Please do the right thing because…’ and there’s room for a picture. Personally, I can’t wait to see what they come up with. Kids are well known for having little to no social filter and will undoubtedly have some great messages to share. While primarily aimed at Elementary schools, all levels are encouraged to participate.

Thanks to the support and involvement of the Nanaimo RCMP Traffic Division, select schools throughout District 68 will have the chance to have two students pair up with an officer at their school. The students will be giving out copies of posters–created by all the kids at their school–to parents and other drivers with the officer present to ensure the student’s safety and to help answer questions.

We are hoping that schools across B.C. (& Canada) will take the opportunity to give kids a chance to participate in order do something positive about road safety even if they aren’t able to facilitate the officer for a day experience. While schools are welcome to share their kids’ posters with us at Drop It And Drive™, the main idea is to get the message home to parents and we think kids are the ideal messenger.

Following last year’s poster contest, a parent shared with me that their friend’s young daughter (after participating in the poster contest) told her friend not to use her phone while driving because “You could kill me.” How’s that for telling it like it is?

For more details on the campaign and how to get your community & school involved, contact us.

This is the poster than can be used by participating schools – click for full size & to print:

DTRT Flyer

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