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Youth Education Program

DSC_0087Our focus for school presentations is to provide students with the science of ‘how and why’ distracted driving, and distracted walking, is risky behaviour. We also discuss, through sharing personal stories, the real consequences of a moment’s distraction; it is not gory, but is reality-based. At the end of the presentation we want them to feel empowered, through increased knowledge and understanding, to be road safety ambassadors within their families, school and community.

Providing road safety programs for elementary schools and delivering presentations at high schools provides the opportunity to positively impact the next generation of drivers to help reduce injuries and fatalities. The DIAD Program believes in talking to youth about the dangers of distracted driving because they have the greatest opportunity to be the solution…the choice is theirs. Drinking and driving took a full generation–25 years–to become socially unacceptable; too many lives will be lost if it takes that long for distracted driving to become socially unacceptable.

The Drop It And Drive™ Program does not charge a set fee for elementary or high schools. Donations or honorariums are always welcome as they help fund these free presentations; however, they are not a requirement to bring us to local schools. Donations from schools, individuals, and organizations can be made directly through

The DIAD Program delivers unique reality-based, solution-focused multi-speaker presentations and seminars throughout Canada and the United States to raise awareness about distracted driving. Our dynamic approach delivers a powerful message with a combination of knowledge, personal experience, energy and humour.

DIAD Program Director, Karen Bowman, retired Surrey Fire Services Capt. Tim Baillie, Cpl. Bryan Fedirchuk of the Surrey RCMP Traffic Division and Mark Andrews, retired OPP,  liaise with local law enforcement and emergency services to deliver presentations and seminars with maximum community impact.

“Probably the most useful guest speakers we’ve had throughout the semester.” ~H.B.

“A ‘must’ presentation for the educational system. Powerful and realistic scenarios that make the students believe in what could ultimately happen.” ~D.W., Faculty, LA Matheson Secondary

“I loved hearing you guys when you came to my school. You made me more aware of the road and how dangerous it can really be. My dad is a cop, and my step dad is a firefighter, but I never really understood how serious this is. Thank you so much 🙂 ”~B.E., Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary

Distracted Driving Stats & Facts

  • Distracted drivers are a risk to drivers, passengers, pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists.
  • One study showed that nearly 80% of crashes involve some form of driver inattention within 3 seconds before the event. -Insurance Bureau of Canada
  • Driver distraction is estimated to be a contributing factor in 8 out of every 10 police-reported crashes. – Insurance Bureau of Canada
  • Road crashes are the number one killer of teens. – World Health Organization
  • The average driver needs to keep track of 3,000 items during rush hour. (This includes signs, traffic lights, other vehicles, passengers and pedestrians, road and weather conditions, and more). – Insurance Bureau of Canada
  • “It’s not a question of what your hands are doing. It’s a question of what your head is doing.” -Western Washington University
  • When people are on cell phones, hands-free or not, they can’t focus fully on driving or even walking, this phenomenon is referred to as Inattentional Blindness.
  • 6 people die every day on Canada’s roads. – Transport Canada


“You could feel the passion and emotion coming from them as they told their stories and I bet that the stories would not have the same impact if they were told by somebody else.” ~ M.G.

“This presentation was quite intense but in the necessary way.” ~C.B.

“I believe that this project should be expanded and promoted to everywhere if possible.”~Tamanawis H.S.

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5 thoughts on “Youth Presentations

  1. Linda Henderson

    Is there a way that I can get involved with program. I am a grieveing mother, my daughter was killed in a care accident due to distracted driving. I have to involve my self and help/volunteer ,that I can make a difference. Thanks

  2. Brianne Hodgins

    I feel that the job you guys do for others is fantastic!! I’m impressed by the things you have accomplished and have to say that I enjoy your presentations.

  3. Audrey Andrews

    I have watched this essential program over the years and am increasingly impressed with the research done, the relevance of the information provided and the high quality of presentations given. Keep up the amazing work as you continue to educate companies, students, drivers and passengers on the dangers of the many distractions that could take their life or that of another person.

    It is very encouraging to see that an organization such as TIRF has partnered with DIAD.

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