Youth Testimonials

“Really good presentation. Got the message of not driving while texting out really well.”
~Sullivan Heights High School Student, British Columbia

“Keep up the great, important work! Shock value was very effective.”
~Tamanawis High School Faculty, British Columbia

“Probably the most useful guest speakers we’ve had throughout the semester. [They] were clearly able to show us the dangers and consequences of texting/being on the phone while driving and the reality of it. How one simple mistake and one poor decision can change the entire outcome of your life and instantly flip it upside down.”
~H.B., High School Student, British Columbia

“I loved hearing you guys when you came to my school. You made me more aware of the road and how dangerous it can really be. My dad is a cop, and my step dad is a firefighter, but I never really understood how serious this is. Thank you so much :)” ~B.E., Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary, British Columbia

“Very informative and has helped make me more aware of how I can avoid these hazards and also to know when they are around me.”
~Sullivan Heights High School Student, British Columbia

“I think that stories about kids and teens/new drivers impact us the most. Especially when it is a teen driver. It makes us realize how those people are just like us and we could possibly do those things. Those people could be us!”
~Sullivan Heights High School Student, British Columbia

“A ‘must’ presentation for the educational system. Powerful and realistic scenarios that make the students believe in what could ultimately happen.”
~Dolena Ward, Career Centre, LA Matheson Secondary

“I believe that this project should be expanded and promoted to everywhere if possible.”
~Sullivan Heights High School, British Columbia

“They have certainly opened my eyes and made me realize that anybody could be a victim to this. Nobody is safe from it and I could be the next statistic. Countless lives are always at risk because of the careless actions of these people that continue to disobey the law. You could feel the passion and emotion coming from them as they told their stories and I bet that the stories would not have the same impact if they were told by somebody else.”
~ M.G., High School Student, British Columbia

“Powerful and profound! To keep an entire graduating class of students engaged in a presentation for more than five minutes is a major accomplishment and Karen [D.I.A.D. Founder], Tim [Surrey Fire Fighter] and Kurtis [Young Drivers of Canada Instructor] of the Drop It And Drive Campaign managed just that today at our Grade 12 assembly. Keeping the information relevant and meaningful, all three presenters had the students’ undivided attention right from the start. I know that students will think twice about being distracted while driving after seeing this presentation, and for that, we as a staff at LA Matheson Secondary are extremely thankful.”
~ Cheryl Wilson, Career Facilitator/Grad Coordinator, LA Matheson Secondary

“I think that presentation was very important for everyone because many people are ignoring this big problem.”
~Tamanawis High School Student, British Columbia

“I believe this was a great presentation and that you guys should keep going to schools to get the message out!”
~Sullivan Heights High School Student, British Columbia

“I spoke with some of the students and their reaction was you guys were the best guest speakers all year, so obviously they were listening.”
~ Sarena Richard, CCA, Johnston Heights Secondary School

“This presentation was quite intense but in the necessary way. The facts given to us were eye-opening. The word I would use to describe the presentation is necessary. Students should sit through the presentation, especially since we are all new drivers and we are under the impression that we are invincible.”
~C.B., High School Student, British Columbia

“The speakers were very interesting to listen to, and I felt it was an important message for us to hear. I had never considered texting and driving before, or doing anything else of the like, but hearing this presentation made me even more vigilant to act against it. It made me aware and made me feel more compelled to really drive the point home to my friends that this is a really, really stupid thing to do.”
~A.L., High School Student, British Columbia

“The presentation in my opinion was extremely informative. I learned so much, I am now much more cautious and attentive when I, my friends or my mom drives. I never know about the fact that when one is on their phone they are not as observant as they would like to think. I was completely captivated by the fact that people were stupid enough to drive with their knees…THEIR KNEES. KNEES.”
~M., High School Student, British Columbia.

“I started the poster campaign off by talking to my class about what did they think distracted driving was and how it affected them and other people.  The discussion was fairly superficial.  We then watched the YouTube clip that you had as a link on the DIAD website.  The students were effected tremendously by the video and the oohs and aahs and oh no’s were echoed throughout the room.  After we watched the clip we talked about all the people that were affected by this incident, at first superficial but then they started to really think.  It was amazing how they kept coming back to the young man who had caused the accident, and they could not get over the fact he was a good kid, but had made a bad choice that was going to change his life forever and he had to go to jail.  They also were very affected by the children of the truck driver.  So affected that they began to become angry as they realized people who were putting their lives in danger every time they got in a car, and in some instances their own parents.  They all went home that night and talked to their parents, siblings and aunts and uncles.  One student even took it so far as to request his mom give him her phone to hold while she was driving, saying if it need to be answered he would do it.  She hesitated but complied.  The students were very excited about the contest, and every single student completed a poster on time, a feat that does not happen very often here.  Though the thought of maybe winning was there they were truly motivated by the message and the power that they could have to make a difference. Thank you again.”
~ Roxanne Koebel, Division 5 Grade 5 Teacher, Betty Huff Elementary

2 thoughts on “Youth Testimonials

  1. Grace Dunlap

    My 31 yr old son was killed on Aug 22, 2015 by a young male distracted driver who ran a red while my son was riding his motorcycle @ a busy intersection in Ocala, FL. He was launched into the air and hit the pavement. 5 days later we said our final goodbyes. His dad older brother & myself left the hospital angry, empty, & lost. Philip Dunlap 1984-2015

    1. Karen Bowman Post author

      Grace, you have my deepest condolences for the loss of your son, Philip. The tragedy of a preventable loss of life is immeasurable. Thank you for sharing your story which I hope will be seen and shared by many to help prevent further injuries and loss of life caused by distracted driving.

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