Corporate Testimonials

“I really appreciated how nothing was sugar-coated, but at the same time didn’t feel like opinions were being shoved at me. All in all very interesting, surprising and informative. Very powerful presentation. I truly believe you have changed the opinions and mindsets of a large number of the people you spoke to yesterday; your efforts are not in vain. Thank you very much for doing what you do! Awesome presenters. Well done! The examples used from personal experience seem to hit home with a bigger punch. Can almost sense the emotion behind the story which carries more emphasis on the situation being discussed. This seminar should been seen by everyone who drives and soon to be driving. Educational and empowering, two thumbs up!!” – Tolko Industries, Lumby, BC (Group 3)

“Overall presentation was engaging, insightful and impactful. I had thought cell phones were the main distraction but learned the many more ways we can be distracted while driving. I have totally changed the way I think about driving and the way I drive, and will be sharing this information with family and friends. Thank you for making the roads (my daily worksite) a safer place. Very powerful. Good reminder. Should be annual / or bi annual training at minimum. Especially for new staff. This was a fantastic seminar and I would highly recommend it to ALL drivers.” – Tolko Industries, Kamloops & Lumby, BC (Group 2)

“Great reminder to kick bad habits and showed what we really miss when we are trying to multi task.” – Tolko Industries, Williams Lake, BC (Group 1)

“This is one of the best seminars I have ever attended. Thank you. I would like this presentation to be known to everybody. Great presentation. Very well done!!!” – Weyerhaeuser, Princeton, BC (Morning Session)

“Excellent presentation. Fantastic! Covered a lot of information in a short time. Very informative and entertaining. Presenters kept flow going. Everyone needs to hear it. This presentation should be a part of everybody’s driver training.” – Weyerhaeuser, Princeton, BC (1st Afternoon Session)

“Very well done. Awesome job! Keep it up. Great speakers, it was ‘real.’ Section on fatigue and Kylee’s story had the most impact. The real stories have a major impact. Makes you think. You two did a fantastic job, thank you. So glad you [also] went to the high school.” – Weyerhaeuser, Princeton, BC (2nd Afternoon Session)

“Very good presentation. We need to be less distracted as we drive. High impact, eye-opening, necessary. Thanks!” – Semex, Chicago, IL

“Shortly after your seminar, our CEO implemented a new policy stating, “Leave the phone alone, including hands free while driving.” – TimberWest, Campbell River, BC

“This should be mandatory for all staff, just like IT Security, workplace safety. Everyone needs to see this presentation.” – The Co-operators, Burlington, ON

100% would recommend our presentation to others. “I greatly appreciate your courage and personal stories. This message needs to be delivered to all. Never stop the fight. Program should be mandatory for new drivers, if not all drivers at renewal time. Thank you for making a difference in the way I will think about driving. Great, great presentation.” – FortisBC, Burnaby, BC

“Need more people to see this, don’t let it be an option to see it.” – The Co-operators, Guelph, ON

“I think this presentation should be mandatory in the safety orientation of all workers in all companies.” – 2016 Western Conference on Safety, Vancouver, BC

“Wish more people would have seen this – work, schools, new drivers, experienced drivers.” – 2016 Western Conference on Safety, Vancouver, BC

“I would highly recommend to any school, municipality or corporation in Canada to have Drop It And Drive attend their organization to present to their students, staff or key stakeholders.” -City of Ottawa, Traffic Management and Operational Support Branch

“Should be made mandatory for all drivers.” – PennWest Exploration, Slave Lake, AB

“Couldn’t forget this message even if I tried. Best Presentation Ever.” – Walker Aggregates Inc., Niagara Falls, ON

“Seen a few presentations on distracted driving, this was by far the best.” – Northern Mat & Bridge Ltd., Grande Prairie, AB

“Best presentation I’ve seen in years! Good job!!! Keep up your excellent work! Adults/parents need to hear this message too.” – BC Crime Prevention Association Training Symposium, Vancouver, BC

“The difference with D.I.A.D. is that it provided an all rounded presentation. The impact of the presentation is greater by including all perspectives and therefore D.I.A.D. provides any audience with a powerful, life changing presentation. I believe all communities should be proactive by having this presentation!” – Karie Ackerman, Executive Director, Ponoka Victim Services Unit with the Ponoka RCMP Detachment, Alberta


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