Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

Jacobs/Chemetics Inc., Vancouver, BC

Jacobs is one of the world’s largest and most diverse providers of technical professional and construction services. Chemetics is a process technology-based engineering design group providing products and services including engineered systems, proprietary and non-proprietary equipment, consulting services, as well as complete systems and plants.

DIAD Seminar Testimonials:

Hearing the personal stories of the presenters and their engagement had the most impact.
It is not enough to have my hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, but my attention to driving is more important.
I will forward your web address to friends and family.
Do not be a distracted driver, even for 2 seconds, each time behind the wheel.

FortisBC, Burnaby BC

DIAD Seminar Testimonials:

100% would recommend our presentation to others.
I greatly appreciate your courage and personal stories.
This message needs to be delivered to all. Never stop the fight.
Program should be mandatory for new drivers, if not all drivers at renewal time.
Thank you for making a difference in the way I will think about driving.
Great, great presentation.

2016 Western Conference on Safety, Pacific Safety Center Ltd., Hyatt Regency Hotel, Vancouver, BC

The 21st Annual Western Conference on Safety, is Western Canada’s largest occupational health and safety event. Each year, members of the conference steering committee search throughout North America seeking out the best topics and speakers and bringing them to the Western Conference on Safety.

DIAD Seminar Testimonials:
I think this presentation should be mandatory in the safety orientation of all workers in all companies.
Wish more people would have seen this – work, schools, new drivers, experienced drivers.
Loved it! Would like you to speak to our workforce o r at the JHSC meeting.
Keeping doing what you’re doing!
I want this at my work place!
Incredible! Highly motivating to leave the phone alone.

The Co-operators, Guelph and Burlington, ON

The Co-operators Group Limited is a Canadian owned and operated company with more than $38 billion in assets under administration. They insure over two million people Canada-wide. Check out The Co-operators Drive Out Distraction campaign.

DIAD Seminar Testimonials:
This should be mandatory for all staff, just like IT Security, workplace safety. Everyone needs to see this presentation.
I will be making some change for myself and in our office. No more ‘taking that call from the car.’
Need more people to see this, don’t let it be an option to see it.
Should be mandatory for all Cumis employees.
Awesome, very impactful and informative. Thank you!

Semex, Chicago, IL USA

World renown for delivering high quality bovine genetics, Semex has been solving problems and satisfying producers through its distributor network for over 35 years.

DIAD Seminar Testimonials:

Eye opening. We need to be less distracted as we drive.
Video is shocking and that is exactly what I needed.
High impact, eye-opening, necessary. Thanks!
This made you think about real things.

Canfor, Vanderhoof, BC

Canfor is one of the world’s largest producers of sustainable lumber, pulp and paper. Vanderhoof Division – Part of Canfor since 2005 with the acquisition of Slocan Group.

DIAD Seminar Testimonials:
Handsfree is not a better option. It’s not worth it!
Thank you very much for what you do. It’s something that everyone needs to be more aware of. This makes it a very real thing and am going to change my behaviours & hope others do the same.
Keep up the seminars and advancement of the program. Great awareness to be spread.

Canfor, Prince George, BC

Canfor is one of the world’s largest producers of sustainable lumber, pulp and paper. Prince George Division – Administration Centre.

DIAD Seminar Testimonials:
Great presentation and appreciated the real life experiences of the presenters.
Great job! Very well informed seminar.
Most enlightening seminar and it is my intention to share with as many people as possible.
Excellent – you are strong presenters who don’t need notes and BELIEVE in the cause.

Canfor, Houston, BC

Canfor is one of the world’s largest producers of sustainable lumber, pulp and paper. Houston Division – Part of Canfor since 1999 with the acquisition of Northwood Inc.

DIAD Seminar Testimonials:
I am sure they all drive distracted at some point, but I tell you I will preach this and no one in my family or down my bloodline should ever die from a preventable car crash. Thank you very much. I am sure you have made a difference in my life and the life of my girlfriend and future kids.
Distracted driving is more than just cell phones.
I cannot multitask, no one can. I need to share this knowledge.

Forest Practices Board, Victoria, BC

The Forest Practices Board serves the public interest as the independent watchdog for sound forest practices in British Columbia. The FPB reports to the public and government about compliance with the Forest & Range Practices Act and the Wildfire Act and the achievement of their intent.

DIAD Seminar Testimonials:
Regardless of what else is going on in life, my ONLY job when driving, is driving. Being a distracted pedestrian is dangerous too!
I now either put the phone in the trunk or hand it to the other adult in the car – remove the temptation altogether in order to break the habit.
After what Karen has experienced, I admire her strength to deliver a program that is emotionally challenging. Thanks for raising my awareness and potentially preventing injury to those we love and to those who we encounter in our daily routine.

TimberWest, Nanaimo, BC

TimberWest is Western Canada’s largest private managed forest land owner with 325,400 hectares / 804,200 acres on Vancouver Island. The Company also owns renewable Crown harvest rights to 700,000 m3 per year. TimberWest is privately owned by two leading Canadian pension funds, British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (“bcIMC”) and the Public Sector Pension Investment Board (“PSP Investments”). TimberWest runs fully contracted harvesting operations and leads the coastal industry in the growing and harvesting of second-growth timber.

DIAD Seminar Testimonials:
Thank you for this powerful & informative, life-changing (& hopefully life-saving) seminar!
I will be sharing this information with my friends & family.
Handsfree may be legal, but still distracting. Driving is the only thing you should be doing while driving.
We all think we are invincible to a lot until we are affected. This will definitely be topic at tonights dinner table.
I emailed my kids as soon as the session ended. I will take more care to avoid distractions and be more vigilant. I called a couple of friends to tell them that I won’t have conversations with them any more when they use their hands-free to call me from their cars. Catching up with friends while they are driving in the rain on the Malahat just isn’t on!
This is a fantastic program, keep up the awareness and change our perception by reality.
Awesome presentation!

BC Forest Safety Council, British Columbia

The British Columbia Forest Safety Council (the Council) was created in September 2004 as a not-for-profit society dedicated to promoting forest safety in the sector. The initial focus and tasks of the Council were set out in the report of the Forest Safety Task Force, which created a comprehensive strategy to dramatically improve the safety record of the BC forest sector. The Council includes all of the major forestry organizations and is fully supported by WorkSafeBC and the government of British Columbia.

DIAD Prince George Special Event Seminars (Page 12) Testimonials:
Thank you. Come more often please. – Geoterra
I’ve been using my hands free thinking I was doing something good. I drive 45-60 mins to and from work and call my best friend everyday (she lives out of town). I will be turning off my hands free and encouraging her to do the same. – Northern Health
I am going to remind all family/friends and coworkers of the hazards next time I deliver the defensive driving course. – Canfor
Everyone should listen to your presentation. – Geoterra

Hydro Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. (Hydro Ottawa) is a private for-profit company that is wholly-owned by the City of Ottawa and governed by an independent Board of Directors appointed by its shareholder. The company’s core businesses are electricity distribution, renewable energy generation and energy conservation and management services. Hydro Ottawa owns and operates two subsidiary companies.

DIAD Seminar Testimonials:
Do you and/or your spouse/teens drive distracted: Y Before N: Now (We did but now we don’t because of the powerful presentation by DIAD)
Will you change your behaviours and/or say something to your family? Y: Absolutely.
Top two points taken away from the seminar:
– “Providing the variety of three different individual speakers was great for engaging all employees in being able to connect with one or more of the presenters.”
– “Overall the presentation made people think about their own behaviour and the commitment to change their own behaviour.”
Other Comments:
“Plenty of positive feedback from multiple audience members your presentation was very much well respected and talked about.”

Northern Mat & Bridge LP, Grande Prairie, AB

Northern Mat & Bridge LP (NMB) specializes in providing temporary access solutions for resource and construction based industries, including oil and gas, pipeline construction, mining, wind energy and general construction.

DIAD Seminar Testimonials:
This area is one of our (companies) largest liabilities with the amount of crew trucks we have on the road. This presentation could not have been better. Thank you!
Very good job. Seen a few presentations about distracted driving, was far the best one.
Very interactive and knowledgeable, very well structured and to the point!
The personal experiences from both speakers puts it in perspective. People speaking from experience. An excellent presentation. Some videos made me choke up, hard to watch. My 15-year-old daughter will also benefit from my experience here. Thank you very much.
Very important segment to NM&B safety.

Walker Industries Holdings Ltd., Niagara Falls, ON

Walker Industries provides an array of products and services to our customers. Our group of companies include aggregates, construction, emulsions, environmental project management, waste management, renewable energy projects and green building.

DIAD Seminar Testimonials:
Powerful eye opener, hopefully I keep it and use it in my day to day.
Excellent way to drive it home.
Most Impressive.
Couldn’t forget this message even if I tried.
Real eye opener.
Changed ME…on texting and driving

Walker Aggregates Inc., Niagara Falls, ON

Producers of stone, sand and gravel products, manufacturers of high quality asphalt products and community minded construction and paving contractors.

DIAD Seminar Testimonials:
Awesome Topic and Presentation.
Best Presentation Ever.
Excellent Presentation.

PennWest Exploration, Slave Lake, AB

Penn West is one of the largest conventional oil and natural gas producers in Canada. Penn West operates a significant portfolio of light oil in Canada. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Penn West operates throughout western Canada on a land base encompassing nearly six million acres.

DIAD Seminar Testimonials:
Should be made mandatory for all drivers.
Great message, very interactive and would definitely recommend.
I have 3 kids who need to see some presentation similar to this.
Appreciate the energy you guys have put into this. Thanks a lot.
Will check out website and use it at work.
Can’t thank you enough for you energy into this presentation.
Good wake up call.

The Seegmiller Group of Companies, Kitchener, ON

Provide heavy construction contracting services. Provide custom machining services.

DIAD Seminar Testimonials:
Very impressed with speakers.
Excellent presentation, well put together & informative.
Life experiences work and make people listen and pass on.
Emotional! Impacting!
A good reminder of driving distraction and the results of not keeping your mind on the road.’

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