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In addition to our popular corporate worker seminar, we are pleased to announce newly developed corporate programs to meet your workplace safety needs.

A popular option we offer corporate clients is that while we are in town, we will deliver our high school presentation to their local school(s) with the corporate client promoted as the sponsor. This helps create a community-based approach to road safety as we present to both the workforce and their kids/grandkids.

For a unique 3.5 hour presentation, there is a fixed fee structure of $2,500 that includes a customization component, pre- and post-seminar surveys, presentation delivery, analysis of survey results, and outcome report. Travel expenses are costed separately. Seminars can also be tailored to accommodate a compressed presentation length, or extended presentation format to meet the needs of individual clients. In these instances fees are contingent on presentation length, audience size, requests for online vs printed forms, and, travel requirements. Please see our Information Brochure for more details.

CONTACT US to get more information on how our programs can effectively address your workplace and workforce safety goals.

Drop It And Drive™ Program Overview
Program Goal –  Working together to reduce preventable workplace injuries and fatalities caused by distractions in the workplace.

The DIAD presentations offered to our community are second to none. I would highly recommend to any school, municipality or corporation in Canada. – City of Ottawa

diad-solutionJoint Worker/Supervisor Seminar:
Although we offer four separate programs: supervisor seminar, worker seminar, supplemental training program and the joint worker/supervisor seminar; we have found that from a joint OH&S perspective a joint worker/supervisor seminar is the most universally applicable and our most popular program.

The primary focus for our corporate program is safety in the workplace; whether that’s a construction site, mining operation, harvest site, head office, or even the commute to and from the worksite. While distractions related to electronic devices are more readily identifiable and easily addressed in policies, other areas of distraction are less known but just as risky, such as fatigue, complacency, and cognition. We introduce the science and research behind these distraction risks in a way that allows our audience to transition from what they think they know to a new understanding that ultimately creates behavioural change and increased worker safety.

Employee/Worker Seminar:
Seminar Goals:

  • Define distracted driving and its impact within the workforce
  • Change the language from ‘accident’ to ‘crash’ in order to apply personal responsibility for choices made at the wheel
  • Redefine safe driving belief systems
  • Move experienced drivers from a place of assumption to understanding and acceptance
  • Share vital information in a manner than engages without offending
  • Introduce new concepts surrounding distracted driving: visual, manual & cognitive
  • Provide workers and supervisors with the information necessary to implement or adjust workplace policies in order to increase worker and community safety

Who should attend the seminar?
This seminar is designed for all drivers, contractors, staff and management who have an interest in reducing preventable injuries and fatalities attributed to distractions in the workplace.

Why attend the seminar?
This seminar will raise awareness amongst drivers, employees and supervisors using “stories and science over statistics.” It is an interactive seminar designed to help manage workplace risk factors and reduce workplace injuries and fatalities; provide supervisors with resources and tools to create a ‘top down’ corporate safety culture that effectively addresses distractions in the workplace; and helps to keep workers safe on or near roadways, encouraging them to be a part of the solution.

Very impressed with speakers. Excellent presentation, well put together & informative. Life experiences work and make people listen and pass on. Emotional! Impacting! A good reminder of driving distraction and the results of not keeping your mind on the road.’ – The Seegmiller Group of Companies 

Employer/Supervisor Seminar:

Seminar Goals:

  • Expand on impact of distracted driving within the workforce from a supervisory perspective
  • Address risk management in relation to workplace distractions – driving and walking
  • Explore differences in training practices for new workers (Millennial generation) versus current workforce
  • Supervisory Training Cycle
  • Hands-free policy considerations
  • Respective roles of policy makers, supervisors and workers in providing safe workplace input
  • Limiting liability
  • Provide supervisors with overview of how to effectively use the Supplemental Training Program (S.T.P.)

Who should attend the supervisor seminar?
The seminar is best suited to those who are in safety leadership roles within their organization or those who are responsible for delivering safety presentations, notices, or updates: fleet managers, supervisors, JOHSC members, etc.

Why attend the supervisor seminar?
This interactive seminar will assist safety professionals to continually reinforce seminar messages throughout the year with customizable and easy-to-create 10-20 minute road and workplace safety presentations and printed or electronic safety updates.

The seminar fees include:
• two to three speakers with a combined experience of 35-50+ years (fee may vary depending on # of speakers used/requested);
• a pre-seminar conference call in order to identify corporate key messages, areas of concern and seminar customization requirements;
• seminar customization;
• current policy review;
• pre-seminar on-site meeting/setup;
• seminar delivery of up to three and a half hours;
• post-seminar access to speakers; and
• pre-seminar survey and post-seminar evaluation online forms and reports.

“This area is one of our (companies) largest liabilities with the amount of crew trucks we have on the road. This presentation could not have been better. Thank you!” – Northern Mat & Bridge Ltd.

Supplemental Training Program (STP) Manual
The Drop It And Drive™ Supplemental Training Program Manual is a comprehensive guide providing safety professionals with easy access to the science, stories, videos and statistics about distracted driving prevention and distractions in the workplace.  Ongoing reinforcement of the workplace safety information provided during the DIAD corporate seminar is easy with these tools for creating customizable 10-20 minute workplace safety presentations or safety committee updates.

STP Annual Subscription
Goals: provide STP Manual owners with access to subscribers-only online resources and up to four emailed STP Manual updates throughout the year including information on new studies, stories, research, videos and articles.

“Great message, very interactive & would definitely recommend. Very applicable to our focus on distracted driving & very effective. My life will be changed forever and I would highly recommend. Will check out the website & use it at work. Should be mandatory for all drivers. Appreciate the energy you guys have put into this.” – PennWest Exploration

“Powerful eye opener; hopefully I keep it and use it in my day to day. Excellent way to drive it home. 97% felt it was ‘Very Useful’ – Best presentation ever.” – Walker Aggregates Inc. & Walker Industries Holding Limited

Through our interactive seminar, we raise awareness within the corporate culture about the dangers of distracted driving, distracted walking and the far reaching consequences. This risk management and employee safety program is ideal for OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) and HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) directors, managers and coordinators seeking relevant presentation topics for their companies. Presenting to management and employees effectively addresses corporate safety values and risk management.

“You guys had my attention from start to finish. Seen a few presentations on distracted driving, this was by far the best.” –Northern Mat & Bridge Ltd.

“The first video got everyone’s attention & then firsthand accounts really hit home. The personal experiences from both speakers puts it in perspective. The passion the speakers displayed was very moving. No more emails while driving. Going to drive a lot safer. Great speakers. Well put together. Makes a person think. ” – Northern Mat & Bridge Ltd.

Our dynamic presentation, with multiple speakers, a combination of personal stories, science, videos and images, is the only one of its kind. With a focus on science and stories over statistics we deliver a powerful and effective message with a combination of knowledge, individual experience, energy and humour. The DIAD speakers’ team includes a personal impact speaker; emergency services experiences and law enforcement perspectives.

“I will NEVER text and drive again or call my wife when I know she is driving.” – Walker Aggregates Inc. & Walker Industries Holding Limited

Our program addresses: employees at risk for injury, death, lost wages as well as possible employment action if they are the at-fault driver; and, employers’ at risk of losing valued workforce members and increased liability.

“The difference with DIAD is that it provided an all rounded presentation. The impact of the presentation is greater by including all perspectives and therefore DIAD provides any audience with a powerful, life changing presentation. I believe all communities should be proactive by having this presentation!” Karie Ackerman, Executive Director, Ponoka VSU, Alberta

Distracted Driving Stats & Facts

  • According to a recent poll, nearly 3 Canadian drivers out of 4 admit to driving distracted.
  • Driver distraction has exceeded impaired driving as the number one cause of fatal crashes in at least three provinces. -CBC News
  • Economic losses caused by traffic collision-related health care costs and lost productivity are at least $10 billion annually. That’s about 1% of Canada’s GDP! -Government of Canada
  • Recent CAA survey shows that 80% of all collisions involve driver distraction. – Canadian Automobile Association 2011 Survey
  • An AMEC survey of its employees across North America found 95% of respondents did not experience a decrease in productivity as a result of the ban of wireless devices while driving during work hours.
  • The AMEC employee survey also reported 97%+ of respondents agreed that talking on a cell phone impacts a person’s ability to drive safely. 96% felt that responsible companies should discourage employee use of wireless communications devices while driving.
  • “It’s not a question of what your hands are doing. It’s a question of what your head is doing. And so when your head is engaged in that phone conversation, you become blind to some of the things happening around you.”- Dr. Ira Hyman, Western Washington University
  • When people are on cell phones, hands-free or not, they can’t focus fully on driving or even walking, i.e. Inattentional Blindness


Seminar fees help subsidize our Canadian no-fee youth education program. The Drop It And Drive™ Program does not charge a set fee for elementary or high schools. Donations or honorariums are always welcome as they help fund these free presentations; however, they are not a requirement to bring us to local schools. Donations from schools, individuals, and organizations can be made directly through

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