Safety Scents by VIP

Safety Scents by VIP

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Origin of Safety ScentsTM: Case studies and polls indicate that people are becoming increasingly concerned about road safety and distracted driving; that is why we are so passionate to introduce our new project to you: “VIP SAFETY SCENTS”TM featuring a product line of auto accessories, including air fresheners, magnets & auto signs, designed to remind drivers of the importance of road safety. Crashes and deaths related to distractions are currently one of the biggest threats to road safety, as drivers are constantly preoccupied with their mobile devices while driving.

It is painfully obvious that distracted driving is currently one of the biggest problems and concerns in our society today. So just how distracted are we? According to Allstate Canada, 80% of collisions are now caused by distracted driving.  The VIP Group has spent the past 3 years designing and testing our line of drive safety products.

Public safety messages and reminders are concepts that we have started noticing more frequently in our communities.  We can all often notice vital safety reminders posted at our workplace, our public parks, our roads/highways, our homes and many other places.  We sincerely feel that if it is essential to have safety messages in all of these other places than why not in our vehicles as well. It is estimated, the average person spends about 2hrs a day in their vehicle and it’s important that safety is always on their mind.

All of our research clearly shows that there can be great success with the acceptance of any important message if it’s constantly visible.  In other words, it is much easier to remember something or someone that is constantly on your mind. This was the fundamental inspiration for our idea.  Our concept for VIP Safety ScentsTM was to utilize typically used auto accessories by inserting important safety reminders directly on them and making them more attractive at the same time. We have taken products like air fresheners, car signs, etc and improved their predictable and boring look. More importantly, we have given them an added purpose that addresses all of the biggest safety concerns today which will hopefully make them very interesting and appealing to the public.

Air fresheners in your vehicle improve the smell, so wouldn’t it be nice if that air freshener had an encouraging safety message on it too.  VIP Distribution strongly believes Safety Makes Perfect Scents.

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