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Our mission is to end distracted driving by making it as socially unacceptable as drinking and driving. With our reality-based education program, we aim to drive home the potential consequences of Talking & Texting While Driving as well as other forms of Distracted Driving & Distracted Walking.

The goal of the Drop It And Drive™ Program is to help raise awareness about this growing problem through its Blog, social media and powerful on-site seminars. By delivering seminars to schools, colleges, universities, community groups, organizations & corporations throughout North America, we hope to not only effect change within our immediate audience, but through them, reach parents, peers, co-workers & neighbours.

Drop It And Drive™ (DIAD) has been incorporated into the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF; www.tirf.ca). Beginning in 2017, DIAD began operating under the auspices of TIRF as a TIRF educational program. TIRF is an internationally recognized, independent road safety research institute, and a registered Canadian charity dedicated to identifying evidence-based road safety solutions.

DIAD and TIRF started working together in 2013, and have consistently grown their partnership in the past three years, culminating in the formation of the Canadian Coalition on Distracted Driving in 2016, with sponsorship from The Co-operators, and the development of a National Action Plan for Canada. Key features of the plan, which will be released in 2017, include the development of evidence-based educational strategies, as well as a repository on distracted driving research and tools. The incorporation of DIAD into TIRF is an opportunity to blend the evidence-based data and research produced by TIRF with the front-line program development and community engagement made available through DIAD since 2010.

Karen Bowman, DIAD’s Executive Director and Founder, will remain the Director for the DIAD education program and will also serve as TIRF’s Director, Marketing & Communications; Karen can be reached at karenb@tirf.ca / karen@dropitanddrive.com or (877) 238-5235. More information about the joining of TIRF’s and DIAD’s resources will become available through TIRF’s new website, which is planned to launch in early 2017

DIAD has presented at the BC Crime Prevention Training Symposium; the DIAD Program’s Founder & Director, Karen Bowman, was a presenter at the 2012 CAA/TIRF Driven to Distraction International Conference in Toronto, is a member of the Canadian Global Road Safety Committee, is a 2012 recipient of the BC Ministry of Justice Community Safety & Crime Prevention Award and the Safer Roads Ottawa Champions Award for our national road safety education efforts.

Our popular corporate risk management program has expanded into British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Illinois; it is now available across Canada and the United States.

We make every effort to accommodate all booking requests; however, our schedule tends to fill up quickly so we recommend early booking requests where possible. We are currently booking into October 2017.

Karen’s Story: The inspiration behind creating DIAD was that I want to do something about this issue BEFORE something happens to someone I care about. My personal experience of being hit twice; once by a driver running a red light and a year later by a distracted driver, gave me an intimate knowledge of the emotional and physical pain caused by a crash. I didn’t want to wait until I was grieving the loss of a loved one to take action. But, on Jan. 5, 2011 all that changed when the call I was expecting confirming that my friend was leaving school with my 8-year-old daughter was instead a hysterical passenger screaming “We’ve been hit! We’ve been hit!”  We are so thankful our daughter survived that crash, but it wasn’t without injuries that affect her to this day. With the help of our partners and sponsors, our goal is to make the Drop It And Drive™ Program message as common as Don’t Drink And Drive.

To find out more about the Drop It And Drive™ Program, follow us on Twitter and Facebook or to support our efforts, please contact us.

Presenter Bios:

Karen Bowman: With 20 years experience in the public and private sectors in British Columbia and Ontario, Karen’s background includes business administration & consulting, project management, and communications. As an crash survivor herself, Karen founded the Drop It And Drive™ Program in October 2010 with the idea to take a proactive approach to ending distracted driving by increasing education and awareness. The DIAD Program education campaign became a particularly personal cause after Karen’s 8-year-old daughter was injured by a distracted driver less than three months later.

Tim Baillie: Retired 27-year veteran and Captain of the Surrey Fire Department. Tim has worked on well over a thousand motor vehicle collisions with extensive rescue experience. Tim’s experiences have lead to the belief that people have to learn the real consequences of their actions. Too many times others have to suffer for the avoidable actions of people. Increasingly people focus on their rights with little attention to their responsibilities to themselves and others.

Cpl. Bryan Fedirchuk: Cpl Fedirchuk has a B.Educ (Secondary) and over 19 years with the RCMP, 18 of which he has spent in traffic enforcement and investigation. He has 11 years experience as a collision analyst and has been a motor officer for 17 years with the last 13 years as an instructor. Cpl Fedirchuk has investigated thousands of collisions and brings those experiences to our presentations.

Bob Nordlund: Retired 35-year veteran and Sergeant with the RCMP. Bob retired in 2011 after spending 26 plus years in traffic law enforcement and collision investigation. He worked traffic on both major freeways in the Lower Mainland plus traffic in the cities of Surrey and Burnaby. Bob has investigated thousands of crashes in his career and brings his personal thoughts and feelings about causes of crashes to the presentations.

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