Be Driven to Pass Your Driver’s License Test

Be Driven to Pass Your Driver’s License Test

Driving test concept.The U.S. Department of Transportation calls distracted driving an epidemic in America. Taking time to study your driver’s manual and prepare for the driving test makes you a more aware driver. Put the extra effort into your written and driving tests and you’ll become a better driver, perhaps even save some lives. These suggestions will build your confidence and get you ready to pass your exams, and help you to be safer out on the road.

Treat It Like Any Other Test

Treat the written driver’s exam like any other test you’ve taken. Start studying the material long before the exam is scheduled. By the day of the test, you should’ve mastered the driver’s guide. The written test is based on the material in the guide; all of the answers you’ll need are in there. The actual driving test can cover other situations not specifically referenced in the guide, but will require that knowledge as well.

Tap Into All Available Resources

Test yourself by taking frequent practice exams. Online sites such as offer a number of supplemental resources to study along with your guide, as well as practice exams. These will give you the feel for the actual test you’ll take to get your driver’s license or permit.

Read all of the do’s and don’ts offered on such sites, which will help you on both the written and driving tests and make you a safer driver. According to GMAC Insurance, the five top driving mistakes that cause car crashes are:

  • doing other things while driving and losing focus
  • following the vehicle in front of you too closely
  • making a left-hand turn across traffic without yielding
  • merging into traffic incorrectly
  • making mistakes while backing up

The more you know about good driving habits, the more confident you’ll be during test time.

Getting Ready for Test Day

The night before the test focus on study and rest. Make it a relaxing evening, review your guide one more time and take one more practice test. Get to bed early and get plenty of sleep. You want to be alert for test day.

Remember to confirm the test schedule time. Some locations allow you to walk in and take the test. Others require you to make an appointment. Get together all of the information you’ll need to take with you to the testing facility. Every state can be different but normally you’ll need:

  • completed driver’s permit application
  • a certificate from a completed driver’s education course
  • your birth certificate or passport

Test Day

It’s time to take the test. You know the driver’s guide forward and backward. You’ve read all about good and bad diving habits. You feel confident and ready for the test. Keep in mind the overall importance of this test. Smart Motorist reminds you that the rules you’ve learned to pass the test are the same ones that make you a safe driver on the road.

Give yourself enough time to get ready and get to your test in a relaxed way. Rushing to get there will add to any nervousness and may result in a poor test score.

Gather together all of your paper work and the fee for the exam. Locations differ on what they will take for payment so double-check on their website or call ahead of time.

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One thought on “Be Driven to Pass Your Driver’s License Test

  1. John Ferrell

    I like that you said that we need to take practice tests. If I didn’t take practice tests before the actual driving test then I don’t think that I would have passed it. It might be a good idea to study and do more than you might need so that you can be totally prepared.

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