Driving Forward with Safer Vehicles

Driving Forward with Safer Vehicles

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Whether you have been driving for decades or you’re relatively new to the roads, safety should always be your top priority.

That said the statistics unfortunately show that highway is still not where it needs to be. As anyone following highway safety numbers will tell you, one death is one too many.

While there are myriad of ways to improve safety on North American roads, by far the most important item is the individuals behind the wheel. From vehicles that are actually not properly fit to be on the roads to distracted driving, so many things come together to cause collisions.

If you’ve been lucky up to this point to avoid being in a collision, what do you attribute that to?

Along with riding in safe vehicles and practicing safe driving techniques, you can also consider yourself a little bit lucky.

How many times have you passed a collision or read about one, only to say it could have been you one minute earlier or later passing through that area?

As the New Year approaches, take some time now to reassess not only your driving habits, but what you are driving too. In the end, those reassessments could end up saving your life and those of your loved ones.

Do Your Research

To improve your level of safeness on the roads, keep a few pointers in mind:

  1. Vehicle safety – As important as your actions behind the wheel are, so too are those of your vehicle. With many Americans and Canadians looking to save money these days, used vehicles are quite popular (and have been over the years). One of the questions that oftentimes will present itself for those interested in buying a used car or truck, just how safe is it? This is where doing some research can prove quite beneficial. By using a free VIN decoder, among the details you will get back will be the vehicle’s safety history. Before you plunk down money on a used car or truck, make sure you know its safety history. Doing so could ultimately end up saving your life;
  2. Distracted driving – As sturdy as your vehicle may be, it can’t drive itself (though such technology is emerging). Put the coffee or cell phone down; leave the makeup or electric razor to before you get behind the wheel etc. In just the blink of an eye, your life (and the lives of others) can be turned upside down. There are enough distractions on the roadways alone, so don’t add to them inside your vehicle.

Need for Speed Doesn’t Have to Be

  1. Obeying the rules of the road – Anyone telling you they’ve never sped before is probably having a hard time saying so with a straight face. That said many drivers do in fact obey the rules of the road. Unfortunately, many others simply think that making up their own rules as they go along is perfectly fine. If you’re in the latter group, best to change that mentality sooner rather than later. There is a reason that states and provinces have speed limits and other rules in place. While you may bend those rules on occasion, habitually breaking them over and over again puts you and others in constant danger;
  2. Drinking and driving – Saving the biggest elephant in the room for last, have you gotten behind the wheel at times a little buzzed? While you may not have thought much about it, do you now realize all the lives you put in danger? Even being the least bit intoxicated while driving can end up injuring or even killing you and others. In far too many collision scenarios, empty beer containers and the like are discovered in vehicles. With that, authorities oftentimes have to visit the homes of parents or spouses, leaving them with tragic news. If you are feeling even the least bit drunk, give the keys to someone else capable of driving or take a taxi home.

As the New Year approaches, reassess where you are at when it comes to safe vehicles and safe actions behind the wheel.

At the end of the day, that reassessment could save your life.

Photo credit: BigStockPhoto.com
Guest Author Bio: Dave Thomas covers highway safety topics on the web.

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