5 Ways to Take Your Car to the Next Level

5 Ways to Take Your Car to the Next Level

5 Ways to Take Your Car to the Next LevelFor car enthusiasts, a car is never at its best, safety-, performance-, or design-wise. It can always use an upgrade under the hood, within the upholstery or dashboard, or around its outer shell to make it easier to handle and better looking. Thorough planning and preparation are essential towards chartering a cost-effective and precise project while simultaneously avoiding the costly damages your vehicle can incur from a lack of safety and/or poor handling. Here are five ways you can take your car to the next level.

Lighten the Load 

It’s surprising how fast the amount of junk in your backseat or trunk can add up. Although it doesn’t have any immediate or outward effect on the performance of the vehicle, you should know that it can actually affect mileage and handling. Not only does junk make your car less fuel-efficient, but it can also make a four- or six-seater vehicle look too cramped for more than two passengers. Imagine—better handling and gas mileage and a cleaner interior without any monetary cost! Moreover, the braking distance might be adjusted to take into account the added weight, so you’ll be able to avoid potential collisions from not being able to stop in time.

Another important safety aspect to a cluttered vehicle is the risk with unsecured items striking the driver and/or passengers in a hard braking situation or collision. Many drivers don’t take into consideration the risk they put themselves at when they have unsecured items on car seats and particularly sitting on the back window deck. Cleaning all those things can go a long way in making the car safer for everyone.

Upgrade Your Speakers

If you are still using an AUX port on your radio, it may be time to upgrade to a USB port to connect external devices to the vehicle. The sound is simply better when you have a USB-enabled stereo, plus the sources of music you can load and play on your car are virtually endless. In addition, you and your passengers have the option to control the music either via the auxiliary input or the connected device. If you want to take it a step further, implement a Bluetooth system. This will allow you to play playlists that you have on your smartphone that you have assembled ahead of time, so that you don’t have to break your focus from driving to DJ your music.

Get a Good Set of Rims

Many drivers and car enthusiasts know the importance of a good set of tires, but since the article is about taking it to the next level, a set of rims to match those tires seems only logical. A lightweight set of rims not only improves the appearance of the vehicle, but can also improve the brakes and handling, making it easier to drive straight and maintain control.

Tint the Windows

Privacy is a luxury few vehicles are manufactured with, but it’s never too late to tint your windows with a dimmer shade to increase passenger privacy and to lessen the amount of sunlight that passes through the car. More importantly, this extra special layer of film also protects the car’s glass from shattering during a collision. The film can help the pieces of glass stick together rather than shattering all over the interior and passengers in the car. Visit a company like Instant Windscreens if you’re unsure about your options or the limits in terms of window clarity.

Invest in Good Shock Absorbers 

Shock absorbers are responsible for making the ride smooth and steady as possible, irrespective of the terrain or vehicle. High-quality shock absorbers also help keep the vehicle in control by increasing the friction between the car’s tires and the ground. Worn-out suspension parts may lower the vehicle’s stability and driver handling, both of which can result in a crash.

Your car is an asset that grants you freedom and convenience on a daily basis. Upgrading it to the next level in safety and performance only seems like a worthwhile investment as any initial upfront costs are offset by improved performance, safety, and design.

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