4 Surprising Ways To Stay Safe Behind The Wheel

4 Surprising Ways To Stay Safe Behind The Wheel

4 Surprising Ways To Stay Safe Behind The WheelDriving a vehicle can be a dangerous privilege that too many do not take seriously. Many thousands of people each year are injured or killed in automobile collisions that could have been prevented by using some common sense to stay safe behind the wheel. That being said, there are some relatively unknown ways that you can help prevent an accident in the future.


The sun and other glares can be a blinding and distracting nuisance that can be dangerous for motorists. Sunglasses are often worn during the daylight hours that most of us are aware of, but what about glasses for the glare of street and headlights at night? Eyewear makers are starting to create special glasses to be worn at night to increase visibility and deter glare from the surroundings. These glasses are especially useful in the twilight hours of the evening when visibility is particularly poor.

Window Tints

Many cars produced today have some sort of window tinting applied during the manufacturing process. However, there are many vehicles that have insufficient tinting or no tinting at all. Having poorly tinted windows is not always apparent until you ride in a car or truck with great window tints. An efficient window tint will deter roadside distractions and increase visibility. According to the experts at Instant Windscreens, tinting your windows (within the legal limit) can also block harmful UV radiation.


There are several apps available for your phone that will allow you to turn off any notifications you receive while driving. This includes silencing phone calls, text messages, and emails that could steer your eyes away from the road. However, it’s important to remember that having such an app could be detrimental. Even if you are not easily distracted, or are an experienced driver, fumbling with a phone app still keeps your attention off the road. The best thing to do is to silence your phone, put it in your pocket or purse, and focus on driving.

In addition to turning off notifications, there are apps that allow for a hands-free driving experience to help keep your hands on the wheel when changing the radio station or volume. While these may seem like a solution, hands-free driving is not risk free. Anything that takes your mind off of driving isn’t worth the risk. Drop it and drive. The call can wait.


GPS trackers are great when you’re looking for a location that you have never been to, but they can help searchers find you if you get lost or stranded in the middle of nowhere. When you move to a new area that you’re unfamiliar with that’s prone to snowstorms, extreme heat, and heavy rainfall, a GPS could save time, worry, or potentially a life in the most severe circumstances. Many new cars have GPS already installed to the dash, but a GPS can be picked up relatively cheaply for older vehicle models. Never attempt to adjust or reprogram a destination while you are driving. If you must change course mid-trip, find a safe, well-light parking lot or rest area to do so. Before you begin driving, look over the route so there are no surprises on the road and you can focus on driving instead of what the GPS might be saying next.

There are many ways to stay safe behind the wheel of your vehicle, but with the advent of more advanced technology, more unique and useful ways are becoming available to be more cautious while driving.

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