4 Reasons To Put Down Your Phone And Watch The Road

4 Reasons To Put Down Your Phone And Watch The Road

4 Reasons To Put Down Your Phone And Watch The RoadDistracted driving is a major cause of crashes on streets and highways. Driving is definitely the most dangerous thing that we do every day. However, no matter how dangerous it is people always avoid paying attention. One of the biggest things that keeps people distracted while on the road is their cell phones. This can be the case whether the driver is talking or texting. No matter what it is it can cause people to not pay attention to the road. While places like Chehalis Collision Center do an excellent job of getting you back on the road if you have been in an crash, it is best to avoid the wreck altogether. Here are 4 reasons why being on your phone while you are driving is not a good idea. By avoiding these few things you can help keep yourself safe and avoid wrecks.

Your Mind Isn’t On Driving

One of the leading causes of crashes in any type of activity, such as driving or working, is the failure to keep the mind on the task at hand. In the case of operating an automobile, that task is driving. Carrying on a phone conversation can mean the mind is on the topic being discussed instead of driving. This can slow the reaction time that may be critical in avoiding a collision. Even though you might still seem fully focused, you can’t give driving as much attention as it needs while you are on the phone. Although you may think that you are a fantastic multi-tasker, it is just not safe. When you are driving you need to make sure that you have all of your attention on the road. That is definitely the best way to avoid any unnecessary collisions.

You Take Your Eyes Off The Road

Aside from keeping the mind on the task, keeping the eyes on task is equally important. In this case, the eyes should be on the road. The use of a cell phone requires one to look at the phone to do things like answer it or dial a number. When texting, the amount of time spent looking at the phone increases even more. While driving down the interstate at 70 mph, every second looking at the phone means you have traveled over 100 feet. Taking three seconds to read a text means the car has travelled more than the length of a football field. That is plenty of room to drive into trouble. Make it a habit to always put your phone away as soon as you get into your car. It is also a good idea to make sure that it is on silent so that you don’t have to worry about it when it goes off. Make sure that you do whatever it takes to keep yourself focused and keep your eyes on the road.

You Can Miss Catching Danger Zones

Defensive driving means taking action to avoid being in a danger zone that is created by someone else’s bad driving. If someone runs a red light at the same time you are passing through the intersection, you can find yourself directly in their pathway. Cell phone use could interfere with your ability to see danger zones before they develop, which could lead to a collision. When driving you have to make sure that you are watching the road at all times so that you don’t miss any unexpected bad drivers.  Not only do you have to make sure that you are giving all of your attention to the road, you have to make sure to stay away from bad drivers as well. That is absolutely essential to being a great and safe driver.

You Can Slow The Flow Of Traffic

Think for a moment about how many times you have noticed another vehicle that was impeding the flow of traffic. This could be because the driver was sitting too long after the light turned green, going too slow in the passing lane or, weaving in and out of the traffic lane. It is highly likely that this erratic driving was caused by using the phone and driving at the same time. In addition, that driver was likely not even aware of the impact his or her driving was having on surrounding traffic. By focusing on driving instead of talking on the phone or texting, you can avoid being that erratic driver.

Overall, cell phones and driving are not a good combination. If you really want to do all that you can to keep yourself and others safe, put down your phone before you hit the road. That way you can avoid any unnecessary collisions.

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