There’s No Trick to Staying Safe on Halloween – Safety Tips for Humans & Animals

There’s No Trick to Staying Safe on Halloween – Safety Tips for Humans & Animals

halloween_safety_infographic_2013According to Safe Kids WorldwideTM, the disturbing fact is, ‘Kids are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year.’ However, using flashlights, glow sticks, wearing light-coloured costumes and/or attaching reflective wristbands or tape to Halloween outfits can help make it easier for drivers to see kids. While drivers should always drive with care, they are urged to be especially vigilant between 4pm and midnight on October 31st.

Halloween, admittedly, is certainly not celebrated or even recognized by everyone in your community. However, your personal opinion or belief surrounding Halloween won’t change the fact that on October 31st there will be a myriad of ghosts, ghoulies, goblins, witches and costumes reflected the latest pop culture trends wandering your neighbourhood in search of tasty treats.

The risks at Halloween aren’t just restricted to our children. October 31st is more than just an opportunity for our youth to express their inner alter ego and collect copious amounts of tasty treats (much to the chagrin of dentists everywhere). Halloween celebrations historically extend to the young at heart and can include party-goers enjoying alcohol-related activities.

Halloween PartyOregon reported that 90 percent of the fatalities on Halloween night occurred in alcohol and/or drug-involved traffic crashes between 1998 and 2008.

Halloween should be a time of excitement, celebration, creativity and surprises; taking a few basic precautions can ensure Halloween remains a treat to be enjoyed by everyone. If you have any safety tips to add to those we’ve provided below, please be sure to include them in the comments.

Drop It And Drive™ Halloween Safety TIPS for All Ages & Species

outrageous costume

Drivers/Party Goers:
  • Plan for a safe ride home or plan to stay over – never drive drunk
  • Designate as passenger as your texter to update on ETA or to get directions
  • Don’t let the display of costumes & decorated homes distract you from paying attention to the road
  • Slow WAY down in residential neighbourhoods – kids, without thought for their safety, can suddenly run across the road. YES, we know they shouldn’t, but we also know they WILL
  • Enter and exit driveways, laneways & alleys with extra caution
  • Be a responsible party host – make sure driving guests leave sobre or don’t let them leave
  • Ensure costume weapons are easily identifiable as toys
Trick or Treaters
  • Don’t dash across the road to get the ‘cool’ house – watch for cars, halloween-safetyALWAYS
  • Stay in a group – do not Trick or Treat alone
  • Never go into a house no matter how tempting it is
  • If out with your parents, keep them in sight at all times – don’t run way ahead
  • Make sure you can see clearly through masks & head gear
  • Only go to homes with the lights on – if their lights are off, respect that they’re not home or are not participating in Halloween
  • Don’t eat any of your candy without your parents checking it first
  • Ensure your kids’ costumes make them visible – if not, add GloSticks or reflective tape and/or have them carry a flashlight or LED lights (most Dollar Stores, craft stores, sporting goods stores and big box stores carry these items)
  • Have a safety plan in place if you get separated from your young trick or treaters — meeting place, cell phone communication, call 911, DO NOT enter a strangers home to use their phone EVER, etc.
  • Use makeup as much as possible in lieu of masks or head gear to ensure you kids can see clearly
  • Remind them to be careful when crossing over driveways, laneways & alley entryways
  • As in years past, check your kids’ candy before letting them eat it – throw away opened or suspicious candy
Pet Owners
  • Pets Halloween CostumesHalloween is a great night to keep your pets INSIDE
  • Ensure your pets are secure when opening door for trick or treaters
  • Sadly, black cats are at particular risk for injury and assault
  • Firecrackers & fireworks can spook animals which can cause them to flee from your yard or pull away from you while walking them
  • Horse HalloweenWalk your dogs on a leash – even if you can normally walk your dog leash-free, Halloween is NOT the night to do so
  • Use a lighted collar, reflective animal vest or attach a pet safety light to increase their visibility
  • Secure livestock and large animals (horses, cows, llamas, pigs, etc.) INSIDE the barn where possible

Let’s hear some of your best safety tips for kids, teens, adults & animals.

Note: This is an adaptation from the original post on October 30, 2013

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29 thoughts on “There’s No Trick to Staying Safe on Halloween – Safety Tips for Humans & Animals

  1. Jackie Bigford

    As an avid animal lover and owner of several black cats, I know how important it is to keep your pets indoors on Halloween…..sadly as you state they are a target for those who are cruel.

    I didn’t realize that Halloween night was the highest incidence of children being hit, but it makes sense….you have some very practical and valuable tips.

    Thank you for all you do Karen….Happy and Safe Halloween to you and your loved ones.

    Jackie 🙂

    1. Karen Bowman Post author

      Hi Jackie, as a dual black cat (& a tortoise shell) owner myself, I appreciate your feedback. It’s hard to imagine what people are capable of doing to these innocent animals, but the sad fact remains, people like this do exist and pet owners need to take all precautions especially tonight.

      Glad you found the article useful and thank you so much for your kind words.

      Happy & safe Halloween to you & yours (including the furr babies).

      Karen 🙂

  2. James Wirshing

    You’ve not only got some excellent reminders here, but also some great new points. Thanks for posting. Happy to share it.

  3. Festus Taylor

    A lot of good tips here. I think everyone should read this. Most importantly adults should take time out and read this. That is why I am going to share this. Thanks for the article.

  4. Vladimir Gutenmaher

    I wish we had the same situation!My fellowman are not waiting for the Halloween to come!At least those dogs “lovers”

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  6. Alison Holland

    These are really good tips. Here in the UK halloween celebrations are increasing in popularity and a lot of road safety organisations (like ours) encourage use of reflectors. We advise adults accompanying kids to wear a high vis waistcoat as it has so much in the way of reflectivity. Also an old high vis waistcoat can be cut up and the reflective tape used to ‘bling’ any halloween costume in a creative way and help make the wearer more visible. (More info on our creative ‘be seen’ ideas on our blog and website Stay safe everyone and thanks for the great post.
    Alison Holland, Founder, Brightkidz social enterprise.

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