Nailing Better Safety Results on Construction Sites

Nailing Better Safety Results on Construction Sites

Engineer with tablet PC near building on autum day

Engineer with tablet PC near building on autum day

In a recent study, OSHA reported more than 37,000 construction worker injuries in one year along.

Road construction crews are one of the most at-risk construction workers anywhere.

Though the responsibility for safety is shared among law enforcement authorities, drivers, and the crew themselves, there are a significant number of ways that road construction crew can really nail it when it comes to better safety results on construction sites.

As the following article looks at, keep in mind at least five ways for construction workers to stay healthy on the job.

They include:

1. Be Equipped

OSHA has certain safety guidelines that help ensure the safety of construction workers. But the guidelines have to be followed in order for them to be effective.

Make sure you and the rest of the crew are properly equipped for the job. Heavy duty work gloves, sunglasses or goggles and hard hats are just standard equipment that every construction worker should wear every day.

But in addition, protective ear plugs or safety ear headphones should be worn to protect hearing. Harnesses should be available and worn.

Appropriate waterproof footgear with steel toes should be the norm. Temporary laborers should be outfitted with borrowed safety equipment.

Without the proper safety equipment, injuries are more likely to occur.

2. Be Hydrated

One common but unsuspected cause for construction injury is dehydration.

Working outdoors for hours at a time quickly dehydrates the human body. When a person is dehydrated, their brains typically can’t function properly.

They are more likely to make errors in judgment. Their eyesight might be affected, and their manual dexterity will suffer. Their overall muscle ability will be weakened.

A job that they might have been easily able to perform before might be difficult or impossible to accomplish.

Keep plenty of water or electrolyte beverages available on the job site at times. Don’t make it difficult or awkward for a worker to stop briefly to rehydrate themselves.

Make the water free of charge so that there is nothing standing in the way of a construction worker who needs hydration.

3. Be Obvious

One of the best ways for road crews to be safe while doing roadside construction is to be obvious.

When working with a skeleton crew, perhaps with just one truck on the berm, be as obvious as possible. Set up cones, flares and flags when possible. Spread out the equipment so it takes up more space on the side of the road.

Highway drivers are accustomed to seeing one or more abandoned construction vehicles on weekends and holidays.

If they think no one is actively working at the site, they may be less inclined to heed the slower speed limitations that are supposed to be adhered to when a construction site is active.

Make sure that drivers know there are construction workers on the scene.

When everyone works together to ensure a safe construction working environment, the number of incidences and injuries is bound to go down.

By following these three tips, everyone will be better off.

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