Is Your Facility Truly a Safe Workplace?

Is Your Facility Truly a Safe Workplace?

Smiling warehouse worker and forklift driver in warehouse

Smiling warehouse worker and forklift driver in warehouse

Whether it’s a full-scale factory or a smaller production space, it’s important to make sure your facility is a safe working environment.

With facility incidences on the rise, having workplace safety procedures in place should be a top priority.

Here are just a few ways you can make your facility and its workers safer:

Implement a Strict Dress Code

Your facility likely has a number of moving parts, especially if manufacturing is part of your daily workflow. By implementing a strict dress code, you’ll ensure everyone on the factory floor is as safe as possible.

Facility workers should not be allowed to wear loose clothing around machinery.

This includes employees who run the machines as well as office workers visiting the factory floor. To enforce your facility dress code, make sure you have checkpoints at each entrance.

If this isn’t possible, instead post dress code reminders at the entrances to your factory floor.

Loose clothing and garments are one of the main causes of facility incidences and can result in severe injury or death.

Post Safety Visuals

Not everyone in your facility is aware of the dangers of each piece of machinery on the factory floor. That’s why it’s imperative to post safety visuals on every piece of machinery in your facility.

Safety visuals give each employee a visual representation of the dangers involved when operating specific pieces of machinery.

As the following article looks at, just as there are 5 ways a facilities manager can enhance fire safety, there are a number of ways you can inform employees of the inherent dangers of the factory floor and it all starts with safety visuals.

Require the Use of Safety Gear

As a facilities manager, you should require all of your employees to wear the appropriate safety gear whenever they’re around machinery. This includes eye protection, gloves, hardhats, and any other necessary safety gear.

In addition, you should also require anyone entering production areas within your facility to wear safety clothing as well.

Much like the dress code checkpoints mentioned above, you can place safety gear stations at the entrances to your factory floor.

Included at the safety station should be the safety gear mentioned above as well as anything else you think will keep visitors safe during their visit.

In addition, keep a safety gear checklist on hand to make sure you cover all the bases.

Train All Employees

Thoroughly trained employees will be less likely to injure themselves while working, so make sure you have specific training procedures in place.

You should never rely on an employee’s experience and skill set alone when it comes to working with machinery. Whether they’re familiar with facility machinery or not, make sure you train and retrain all of your employees.

Have an Emergency Plan in Place

Although you do all you can as a facilities manager to protect your employees, incidences can still happen.

To avoid panic and confusion in an emergency situation, make sure you have a plan in place.

Knowing what to do, who to call, and where the appropriate medical gear is located in your facility will help you better handle any emergencies that arise.

When you’re ready to take workplace safety to new heights, keep the facility safety pointers above in mind.

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