School is Back In Session: How to Drive Safely Through the Zone Before & After the Bell

School is Back In Session: How to Drive Safely Through the Zone Before & After the Bell

Guest Post by: Jack Payton

Student driverWhether you’re a student going in/out or an average driver passing through, a school zone is one of the last places you can afford to have a negligent incident. School parking lots in particular usually have very little traffic organization and constantly have people walking from various angles. These first couple of months of school being in session can lead to a lot of accidents by new or negligent drivers. Here are some safe tips to navigating through a school zone and ensuring everyone gets through safely:


There is absolutely no reason to ever speed through a school zone, yet hundreds of people do it anyway. Whether you’re a student or passing driver, follow the speed limits respect your surroundings. Be aware that you’re in an area where people on foot can come from any direction. The best thing you can do is ensure that you can slow down in the event you spot one at the last minute.

The Vehicle

Students should always have a quick look at their car when school gets out. Tons of pranks and senseless incidents happen in the school parking lot every year. Hormones are out and they can lead to slashed tires, loose lug nuts, and broken mirrors. Make sure your tires are inflated and no visible damage has been done to the vehicle that might affect your driving. In a lot of cases the most valuable thing you’re car can have in a school zone is a working horn.

Other Aggressive Drivers

Heed to aggressive drivers or negligent drivers, the best thing you can do is stay out of the path of potential destruction. Negligent people, students and otherwise, could be texting or waiving to friends and not even see you coming as they pull out. Be mindful of tail lights, speed bumps, and street corners blinded by nature or other parked vehicles. Always come to COMPLETE stops at STOP signs.

School Buses

Respect bus lanes in the hour before and after school and stay out of them. If you’re behind one or is see one in the oncoming lane be mindful of it’s brake lights and immediately stop. Allow any children to cross and don’t even touch gas pedal until the bus STOP sign has folded back in.

Sporting Events

At times this can be a more difficult time to get through ha school zone than during school hours. During these times it is usually in the late evening and darker out. Watch for pedestrians coming out of the stadium, gym, or whichever building and make sure your lights are on. People can be riled up after a big game and try to sprint across the road as you’re coming. Avoid passing directly in front of the complex entry/exit way and be patient coming out.

A school zone in September and October can be like football stadium on Sunday, packed, loud, and unpredictable. Make an extra effort to practice safe driving skills. Buckle up, keep your eyes on the road, and have patience.

Author Bio: Jack Payton is a writer, former mechanic, and lifelong car lover who made his fair share of dumb driving mistakes as a teenager. Today he writes for a leading supplier of safe durable tires to help get you from A to B.

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