Is Driver Technology Making Safer Drivers?

Is Driver Technology Making Safer Drivers?

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With more and more drivers getting behind the wheel every day, it’s becoming increasingly important to make roadways safer.

Although advancements in automobile technology are making drivers safer, some of the technology simply isn’t as efficient as it could be.

Here is a brief look at the effective and ineffective safety technology in today’s cars:

Driving Safety Technology Proving a Difference-Maker

As traffic incident statistics across the globe continue to rise, car manufacturers are beginning to install state-of-the-art safety technology in their vehicles. Some of this equipment is so effective; it’s become mandatory in new vehicles.

Take a look at:

• Electronic Stability Control – Whether driving in slick, snowy, or icy road conditions, electronic stability control (ESC) is helping drivers handle severe road conditions more safely. This technology uses computer-assisted braking to independently control all four wheels when traction is lost. ESC is now mandatory in all new vehicles.

• Blind-Spot Warning System – Changing lanes is one of the leading causes of roadway incidences. However, a growing number of manufacturers are including blind-spot warning systems in their vehicles. These systems help drivers safely detect vehicles in their blind spots before changing lanes.

• Adaptive Headlights – Automobile manufacturers are also including adaptive headlights in new vehicles that can actually swivel to adapt to upcoming turns in the road. This technology is making night driving much safer.

• Automatic Crash Notification – Within the next two years, Automatic Crash Notification (ACN) will be standard in all new vehicles. In the event of a traffic incident, ACN automatically notifies the nearest emergency responders.

Safety Technology That Needs Improvement

With the majority of driving safety technology coming out within the last decade, automobile manufacturers are still in the process of improving safety systems.

Although the following features are helpful in reducing traffic incidences, they aren’t yet 100% effective:

• Collision Avoidance System – In order to help reduce the number of forward collisions, manufacturers are installing collision avoidance systems in new vehicles. The automatic braking and seat belt tensioning technology is helpful, but, as mentioned in the article “4 Reasons Why Driver Technology Isn’t Working – Yet“, the system’s sensors aren’t as effective as they could be. The main reason – both the radar and laser sensors used in the technology are inefficient in rainy weather;

• Lane Departure Systems – Although lane departure systems are effective in most driving situations, the technology, which autocorrects drivers who accidently leave their lane, may be too sensitive. Because of this, drivers are turning off the feature in their vehicles, which essentially renders the technology useless;

• Park Assist – Many automobile manufacturers are including park-assist technology in their new vehicles. This technology, which helps drivers parallel park, lacks the proper sensors to adapt to changing parking situations including pedestrians walking near the parking spot.

• Reverse Sensors – Reverse cameras are effective, which is why they will likely be mandatory in the coming years. However, with more and more drivers relying on reverse cameras instead of using their mirrors; the technology behind reverse sensors needs improvement in order to efficiently detect oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

When it comes to the pursuit for safe driving, technology is changing the safety landscape for millions of drivers worldwide.

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About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including safe driving habits and automobile technology.

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