Auto Collision Consequences: The Most Common Injuries People Receive While Driving

Auto Collision Consequences: The Most Common Injuries People Receive While Driving

The Most Common Injuries People Receive While DrivingDepending on how your vehicle was impacted along with its severity, virtually any part of your body from head to toe can be injured in an auto collision. These are injuries are most commonly seen by emergency room personnel and personal injury lawyers.

Cervical spine hyperextension-hyperflexion

This condition is most often seen in rear-end collisions. It’s commonly known as cervical whiplash syndrome. It’s a traumatic soft tissue injury to the area around your cervical spine in your neck. If impact is severe enough, it can cause a cervical spine fracture along with a spinal cord injury resulting in loss of feeling and/or function.

Head injuries and concussion

Both open and closed head injuries are sustained by drivers and passengers. They can be caused by a person’s head hitting an object or by the brain impacting with the skull, resulting in bruising, bleeding and swelling of the brain. Brain injuries from motor vehicle collisions can be permanent or fatal.

Torn cartilage

Sudden and violent movement from vehicle impact alone can result in cartilage tears to the shoulders and knees. They frequently require surgery. Dashboard injuries to the patellar tendons of the knees often result from knees hitting the dashboard.

Chest injuries

These are usually caused by the shoulder harness that’s part of your seat belt mechanism. Bruising and soft tissue injuries to the chest area are common. It’s not at all unusual for seat-belted vehicle occupants to suffer a very painful fractured sternum from a shoulder harness.

Disc displacement and herniation

There are 23 discs in the human spine that separate each individual vertebra. Impact often causes these to become displaced or even herniated, resulting in painful pressure on spinal nerves next to each vertebra. These disc injuries most often occur in the neck and lower back regions. They might be treated by a chiropractor, but sometimes surgical intervention is required.

Facial injuries

These can be caused by flying glass, air bags or car seats. They might be bruises, scrapes or lacerations. Injuries to the facial bones, jaw and teeth often occur from trauma.

Auto accident injuries can vary greatly. Even fractures of feet are not uncommon. If you’re injured in a motor vehicle collision by the negligence of another driver, you should see a personal injury attorney as soon as possible, say the experts at Bachus & Schanker Law.

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