Just One Collision Can Make Your Insurance Soar

Just One Collision Can Make Your Insurance Soar

ID-100287211The majority of drivers do not go out of their way looking for a collision.

Yes, some are a little too heavy on the gas pedal and others find every distraction possible (cell phones, radios, applying makeup or shaving, reading directions etc.) to put them in harm’s way.

That said many drivers escape even the slightest of fenders benders, while others unfortunately are not so lucky.

No matter how safe you attempt to be behind the wheel, keep in mind that there are many consequences which come from even one collision.

Death, Injuries and Finances

As most drivers know (at least that is the hope), getting behind the wheel and operating a car, truck or motorcycle is not a right, it is a privilege. Even though that is the case, some will find it in their minds to be the right to drive recklessly, putting themselves and others in immediate danger.

While fatalities and serious injuries have overall been on the decline in many parts of the world, one death or a single serious injury should always be considered as one too many.

Another negative impact from traffic collisions is the financial cost that many have to bear.

Along with repairs to cars, trucks and motorcycles, serious collisions can lead to an uptick in insurance costs for many drivers.

Whether you live in New Jersey (state typically with the highest auto insurance costs) or a state like Maine which is at the other end of the spectrum, safe driving certainly has an impact on what you pay to insure your chosen vehicle.

If you have a collision, two, three or worse, not only do you run the risk of paying exorbitant insurance rates, you could pile up points against your license or even lose it.

Compare Coverages and Practice Safe Driving

In order to position yourself and your family (where applicable) to get the lowest auto insurance rates possible, do an auto insurance provider comparison and practice safety behind the wheel by:

  • Avoiding distractions – First and foremost, avoid distractions when driving. Yes, it is easy to want to check out that collision off to the side of the road, pick up your ringing cell phone, adjust the volume or station on the radio, make yourself look good for an impending date etc. That said it is not worth the few seconds of taking your eyes off the road and possibly wrecking your car and/or other vehicles and lives;
  • Be well rested – How many times have you turned on the evening news or picked up the newspaper or read online about a collision where someone was suspected of falling asleep behind the wheel? It unfortunately happens more often than people would like to realize, so don’t be one of those individuals who dosed off at the wrong time when operating a vehicle;
  • Don’t hit the liquor – Last but certainly not least, even one drink many be one too many for you. While many drivers feel like they’re just a tad buzzed, they’re ability to react quickly can be severely impacted after even one beer, wine or shot of hard liquor. If you think you or someone in your driving party may be the least bit intoxicated, turn the keys over to someone who is sober and/or call a cab. Your life is worth much more than a drink.

In a day and age when vehicles and drivers are moving as fast as ever, slow down to enjoy the ride.

Photo Credit: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
About the Author: Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as small business and auto insurance.

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