Sign-on to Improved Workplace Safety

Sign-on to Improved Workplace Safety

empty-conference-room-100225789When running a business, one of if not your biggest challenges and responsibilities is maintaining a safe workplace environment.

While some small injuries (trips, cuts, bruises) are all but likely to happen on the job, the chances of them happening and their severity can be sharply decreased when you and your employees take the time to practice safe workplace habits.

Sure, talking about workplace safety and actually implementing protocols for it are two different things. All the talk in the world will not result in a safer workplace unless both employer and employees are on the same page.

With that said, what are you doing to make your workplace a safer environment for everyone involved?

Put the Word Out There

First and foremost, be sure to let your employees know that safety is a top priority within your organization.

This can be done in myriad of ways, including:

  • Workplace signs – It is commonplace (and the law of the land in many areas) for employers to have information regarding what to do if a workplace injury takes place, including making sure in more serious cases that it is promptly reported and steps are taken to assist the worker. This signage can oftentimes be found in an office cafeteria, meeting room for employees etc. Make sure your office complies with all rules and regulations;
  • Internet details – There is a plethora of information available on the Internet linking to workplace safety and injuries. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, within the last decade there were nearly 1.95 million firms in New York City. It doesn’t matter if you run a business in the nation’s most populous city or a small town in the middle of the country, the Internet can be a great resource tool for both you and your employees. Whether you use Verizon FiOS in NYC or one of many other such providers, make sure everyone in your company can access workplace safety information over the Internet via office computers and employees’ personal devices. For example, did you know that workplace injuries in New York City for 2013 were actually the smallest figure in nearly two decades of records? Meantime, nationwide a preliminary total of just more than 4,400 fatal workplace injuries nationwide in that same year was a drop from the previous year (Final Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI) program data is slated to be released in late spring of 2015). With the Internet at your fingertips, you and your employees can glean meaningful information in order to keep your workplace a safer environment;
  • Company meetings – Finally, it never hurts to have refresher courses (meetings) in the importance of having a safe workplace. Get together with your respective department heads and set the parameters in place for a safe office. Once the managers have the information down pat, go ahead with periodical workplace safety meetings with the entire team. Yes, some employees cringe at the announcement of yet another meeting on their schedule, but safety meetings should never be something to pass on. Go over not only safety in the office itself, but also coming to and leaving the building.

Building and maintaining a safe workplace does take time – but it is always nice at year’s end to look back – realizing your workplace injury report has a big fat zero in it.

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About the Author: Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as small business and workplace safety.

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