Auto Maintenance Tips Every Driver Needs to Know

Auto Maintenance Tips Every Driver Needs to Know

A vehicle that is not serviced and maintained can be a danger to the driver, their passengers, and everyone else on the road. Here is a look at four important tips for drivers that want to increase the longevity of their vehicle and stay safe while behind the wheel.

Auto Maintenance Tips Every Driver Needs to KnowTire Pressure Will Change
Many drivers do not realize that there are a number of factors that will affect their tire’s pressure and they may even be given different numbers of what pressure to keep their tires at. The first thing to remember is that the tire pressure printed on the tire itself is just the maximum pressure that specific product can hold, but the tire pressure on the driver’s side door panel is the safe and efficient tire pressure for that vehicle. Drivers should also check their tires more frequently during spring and fall when temperatures change dramatically and will cause tires to contract or expand.

Oil Changes Differ Between Cars
Most drivers know that they will need to stop at places like Speedy Apollo Auto Service Centres for an oil change a few times a year, but some may not realize that the distance between oil changes will vary between cars. Most cars made after 2003 can go for a slightly longer period when compared to older cars. If a car was made before 2003 or runs particularly rough, most drivers will want to change between 5,000 km and 10,000 km. Newer cars can often be driven for 12,000 km to 16,000 km before they need an oil change.

Constantly Running Out of Gas is Bad for Your Engine
The average vehicle has a fuel-injected engine that uses an electric pump to pull gas out of the tank. When the car frequently runs out of gas or is running on fumes, it could be damaging the vehicle and overworking the pump. A good rule is to stay above a quarter of tank whenever possible. Luckily, most drivers don’t need to fill up with premium gas unless their vehicle’s manual or the warranty on their vehicle requires it.

Windshield Nicks and Cracks Compromise Safety
At some point almost everyone is going to be driving along the freeway when a rock hits their windshield or get into their car in the morning and notice that a nick or crack is growing. There are some simple tricks to know when a damaged windshield must be repaired for the driver’s safety and when the crack can be filled. If the damage can be felt on both sides of the glass or is larger across than a coin it should be replaced immediately. Otherwise, the damage can most likely be filled by a professional repairman with a specially-designed resin.

Many drivers get behind the wheel and know very little about their vehicle’s safety features and maintenance needs. These four tips are a great place to start when it comes to years of accident-free and efficient driving.

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