Five Of The Most Dangerous Distractions In The Workplace

Five Of The Most Dangerous Distractions In The Workplace

5 Of The Most Dangerous Distractions In The WorkplaceDistractions in the workplace are a leading cause of on-the-job injuries and poor staff performance. Injuries can put you out of work for an extended period of time and cost a tremendous amount of money and time for both employer and employees alike. Self awareness and the imposition of a comprehensive workplace safety program can help decrease risk and avoid costly consequences.

Phone Calls

Receiving a phone call at work that contains stressful news or disruptive information can be a dangerous distraction that can lead to accidents or decreased work performance. It is imperative that workers remain focused on the job at hand in order to avoid losing focus and productivity.

Driving Distractions

Operating a motor vehicle in the workplace carries tremendous responsibility, whether it be a semi-truck or a forklift. When an employee is affected by driving distractions, such as cell phones or socialization while operating equipment, the results can be devastating. It is wise to keep any potential distractions, such as electronic devices in a car or company locker room to avoid temptation and distractions while working.


Whether driving, operating machinery or walking around a job site, fatigue can kill. Fatigue is distracting and makes full concentration difficult, if not impossible. One of the most dangerous aspects of fatigue is that the employee may not realize how the fatigue impacts their job. They may not realize that their reaction time is slower than normal or their production is decreasing.

Lack of Self Care

Ensuring a healthy diet and a regular routine with adequate rest and exercise can go miles towards reducing workplace distractions. When employees are eating nutritious foods and maintaining good health, they will be more focused on work. They will feel better, work safer and be more productive.


While seemingly benign, socialization in the workplace can have a devastating effect on morale and productivity. Being unable to focus on the job task due to distractions such as personal visits or peer socialization can be problematic at best. Keep work relationships professional in order to avoid unnecessary distractions and personal issues.

Ensuring the proactive avoidance of dangerous distractions in the workplace can help to guarantee safety and productivity. Many distractions can be avoided or eliminated all together with the use of planning and awareness. Employers can be helpful in reducing or eliminating these distractions by providing information and interactive discussions to their employees. It’s important to talk to a lawyer when auto collisions are due to someone else’s neglect or distracted driving.

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