Hands-free is Not Risk Free – Infographic

Hands-free is Not Risk Free – Infographic

Thanks to the National Safety Council for yet another superb infographic clearly explaining why hands-free is NOT risk-free. We often hear the argument about passengers being the same as hands-free and it’s simply not the case…this infographic helps explain why.

Did you know that drivers talking on a cellphone, either hand-held or hands-free, can miss seeing up to 50% of what’s around them?

Safe driving requires that your eyes are on the road, your hands are on the wheel and your MIND is on driving.

When your mind isn’t on the task of driving, you’re cognitively distracted and that’s just as dangerous as being visually or manually distracted. No one is expected to be a perfect driver; however, it is possible to reduce unnecessary risks which reduces the chance of a collision.

According to the NSC, ‘New studies show using voice-to-text is MORE distracting than typing texts by hand.’ And, NO, that doesn’t mean drivers should choose texting manually over voice to text…don’t do either…because it can literally be a life or death decision.

Hands free not risk free
Provided by The National Safety Council

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