In The Age Of Muscle Cars, Distracted Driving Was Hard

In The Age Of Muscle Cars, Distracted Driving Was Hard

Guest Post by: Jason Lancaster

The term “distracted driving” is a very new term that encompasses an idea that would surprise the youth of generations from any other era besides the current ones. That’s not to say that those generations somehow got behind the wheel with more natural driving skill or a better sense of responsibility — it’s what they got behind the wheel of that made distracting driving a lot more difficult! 

What’s so Different About Vintage Cars 

CHEVELLE2If you put an older muscle car next to similar models made today, you’d notice they’re both cars, obviously, but finding similarities beyond that would be difficult. The design of a muscle car made them a very involved vehicle to drive — realistically, it went beyond involved, it was nearly impossible to drive one without giving it your full attention!

There are some key differences between the way a car is made now and how they were made in the muscle car era. First, there wasn’t “power everything” — most didn’t have power brakes, power steering, and certainly didn’t have powered seats and windows. Controlling your vehicle took real effort and “zoning out” wasn’t an option.

CHEVELLEIn this era, there was also very little inside the car that could pull attention from the road. Drivers were lucky to even have any way of listening to music, and when they did, it was a matter of one or two stations to choose from and no endless channel surfing.

Perhaps it’s also a change in attitude that has more people taking risks behind the wheel. In the days of the muscle car, people loved their car, even if it wasn’t something super-fast or rare, it was still theirs. Today’s generations have fallen out of love with their machines.


NOVABefore you go shopping for the best muscle car for your family, sit back and consider the sacrifice. Vehicles themselves are safer now than they ever were. Most muscle cars were made before the ideas of even the most basic safety features were conceived. This means no ABS, no airbags, and some didn’t even come standard with seat belts!

Modern cars are actually very safe — coming standard with all of the aforementioned features plus so much more. It’s so peculiar to think that the safer vehicles have become, the worse drivers we’ve become. It is possible to mimic the characteristics that kept people more focused without sacrificing modern safety equipment.

Two Main Characteristics Make Distracted Driving Hard in Certain Modern Vehicles:

Very Basic Models – The less on-board technology, the better.

Vehicles with Manual Transmissions – Stick shifts still require a lot of attention to keep them on and moving forward — this encourages more engagement while behind the wheel.

Author Bio: Jason Lancaster likes to reminisce on the days of muscle cars and is a huge fan. He works for – a site that helps car owners with timely advice and tips.

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