3 Must Have Items for Your Car

3 Must Have Items for Your Car

You have a lovely house out in the suburbs, with the prerequisite 2.5 children and the white picket fence. You also, unfortunately, have an hour and a half commute to work. This is the downside of having a yard in this day and age. The Atlantic reports that the average commuter ends up getting stuck in traffic for over 38 hours every year, adding to an already harsh commute time. When you spend this much time in your car, you need to treat yourself to some truly necessary and unique tech gadgets that have been coming out of the gate.

A Proper Flashlight

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You don’t need to get saddled with a giant flashlight to get the job done if you end up broken down in the middle of the woods. Instead of grabbing the giant mag light, look into some compact LED options with features that really transform the humble flashlight into a drool-worthy gadget. San Jose Mercury News reports on a company who has created a flashlight design that will light up your world like no other. The LED light is powerful enough on its own, and has several modes such as strobe, SoS, and high. An acrylic lens can be snapped down in order to expand the light, giving you the option to see out even further into the darkness. The Pro-Flip is designed to provide 180 degree light coverage so you see everything, no matter how dark it is. Some horror movies could certainly use the help this flashlight provides. These flashlights are $200 and available at http://www.fnginnovations.com/.

Collapsible Bucket

Pack-Away – Silicone Collapsible Bucket http://t.co/UlIRtEHK6P pic.twitter.com/AE90uYYS7S

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You hopefully already have an emergency kit in your car, but one useful tool from this kit that rarely gets included is a bucket. The main reason is simply due to the bulk involved, but that problem is solved with a variety of collapsible bucket options on the market. These buckets fold down to pocket size, so it easily fits in your emergency kit and is on hand for any problems that occur. Some circumstances where buckets are useful include collecting water in emergencies, bathing if you have no other options, and cleaning your clothes or your dishes, as Survival Cache explains. They also include having an emergency source of water in the event of a fire. Collapsible buckets are available through sporting goods and survival stores, department stores with a camping section, and many online retailers such as Amazon. Prices start at approximately $5 per bucket.

Emergency Blankets

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Whether your car is with you or in Pensacola, you want emergency blankets in every car. However, piling your backseat with blankets is not always the best way to go. Temperate climates are okay to use standard blankets in, but if you live in an area where the winters are cold and harsh, look into more advanced options. Mylar space blankets are one option to consider, as they are incredibly good at holding in heat and are designed to work in survival situations. If you’re stranded in a blizzard and you have no idea how you’re getting extracted from your car, having this type of blanket available could very well mean the difference between life and death. You want to test how well the blankets hold in heat before you put them to the test, so take them in a few times and test them out in your house or camping first. These blankets are available through sporting goods stores such as Cabela’s, as well as online retailers such as Amazon. Pricing varies based on the blanket size, but starts out at approximately $5.

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