How to Deal with #MechanicProblems

How to Deal with #MechanicProblems

Mechanic fixing a carCan you fix anything with Duct tape? You must be a mechanic. Have you given up on the grease under your nails? You must a mechanic. Do you have to wash your work clothes separately and always have busted knuckles? You must be a mechanic. There are plenty of stereotypes out there for what you do, but hey, it’s a dirty job and somebody’s gotta do it. Not to mention you wouldn’t be caught dead going to work in a stuffy suit and tie everyday, so that somebody might as well be you.

It’s a Macho Job

If you don’t come home at the end of the day with a couple new cuts and bruises, it wasn’t a productive day. And as much as you love pumping that iron during your lunch break, with this job, brute strength is not required. That’s what breaker bars are for. You also know that PB Blaster is not a fancy sandwich. It can, however, save the day when nothing else works. And that new mechanic working over there in the next bay over? There’s actually nothing macho about that one at all (and you happen to like it that way). She might weigh less than a buck 20, but she can fit inside the engine of an old V8 and reach that last plug that you haven’t been able to get to all day.

Hands Off My Tools (And My Wallet)

As an auto mechanic, you invest more money in your tools than some people spend on completely furnishing a home. You probably have even taken the time to engrave your tools and boots with your initials. You begin growling if you see someone even approaching your toolbox.

With everything you invest in your tools and ongoing training, there’s not always a lot left over the nicer things in life. In fact, it’s rare you buy anything at full-price. You’re a deal kind of guy—a guy who knows what comes from a day’s hard work, and the value of a dollar. And while you don’t have the time or patience for Grandma’s coupon clipping, you’ve seen the commercials and marked the day, and Christmas is just around the corner. You’re not shopping for the deal on toys, and you couldn’t care less about that new XBox One. No… You have your eye on that new Carhartt set that will come in handy when your boss leaves the bay doors open in the middle of winter. You also could use a new good solid pair of boots, and a belt while you’re at it. And you know you can find this and more at Macy’s, get what you want, and be done with it. Enough of all this holiday baloney—let’s all get back to work!

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