The Future of Motoring

The Future of Motoring

Guest Post by: Nate Miller

While the look has changed over the years, the general design of the car hasn’t really changed since Henry Ford introduced the Model T Ford in 1908. And while the general design of the car is unlikely to change anytime soon, more than 100 years since driving entered the mainstream, the way we drive is likely to change significantly in the coming years.

In an effort to ease pollution and lessen reliance on non-renewable sources of fuel, electric and hybrid cars have been around for a while, with the Toyota Prius probably being the best know example. The hybrid car is about to enter the sports age, with the impending arrival of the BMW i8, which will make hybrid cars undeniably cool, and if popular, will lead to a glut of other luxury car manufacturers to develop similar cool hybrid models. Hybrid cars are far quieter than their internal combustion engine counterparts, and so pedestrians might need to be extra careful as hybrid cars become more popular—you don’t hear them as easily.

Interestingly, there are far less traffic accidents in countries where people drive on the left hand side of the road, although this might soon become a moot point if internet giant Google has their way. Google has been developing a system that allows a car to be driven entirely by computers, which if ever fully implemented, is likely to result in a car where accidents are practically impossible.

Nevada and Florida have become the first US states to legalize autonomous cars, and coincidentally, the car that Google selected for the first prototype was a Toyota Prius—hopefully leading to a car that’s kind to cyclists, pedestrians and other cars, as well as being kind to the environment.

This infographic by HCA titled: Numbers don’t lie: 31 stats show that Australians are right to be driving on left, is about facts, statistics of driving and car accidents for left and right driving countries.
Courtesy of: HCA Lawyers
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