Don’t Know What to Do About Distracted Driving? SAY SOMETHING!!

Don’t Know What to Do About Distracted Driving? SAY SOMETHING!!

Teams of researchers, university professors, scientists, educators, government agencies, private sectors companies & start-ups are all looking for THE solution to distracted driving.

Countless Apps have been, and continue to be, brought to market to block distracting texts & calls; there are pledges to allow people to publicly take a stand.

There are education programs, like ours, as well as many others who get front and centre with youth and adults hoping to drive the message home that their lives and the lives of others are more important than staying connected while driving.

New York offers up Texting Zones offering drivers a safe place to make those all important connections while en route.

Fines across Canada range from $115 – $400 with some including demerits. In the US, their fines (for those States who have legislation on this issue) range from $20 in Florida to $10,000 in Alaska with the possibility of up to one year in jail.

All of these efforts are worthwhile, necessary and are ideally making a difference. We support all of these efforts, because at the very least it’s better than doing nothing. But, what is THE solution to distracted driving?

Apps can tackle the technology side of the issue, but do nothing to stop drivers from personal grooming, eating, reading, writing, and so on, and so on. Education programs are a huge undertaking requiring commitment, volunteers, funding, resources and an audience willing to listen and more importantly, willing to change their behaviors. Fines are a necessary part of any enforcement program; but how much is enough to change driver behavior?

The research is clear, distracted driving is deadly, period. You don’t have to believe the specific stats, but there is no denying that people have and will continue to senselessly lose their lives if drivers continue to allow distractions to divert their attention from driving.

So, you’re not a researcher, university professor, scientist, educator, government agency, private sectors company or start-up…what can YOU do about distracted driving? Sadly, and frustratingly, there is no ONE solution, but there is a simple place to start.

SAY SOMETHING!! It’s really that simple. Step #1 to raising awareness and preventing tragedies is to simply SAY SOMETHING. Anyone can do that from youngest child to the teen empowered to use positive peer pressure, all the way to adults & seniors who know better & are willing to speak up.

Say SomethingSAY SOMETHING!! to your driver if they’re distracted. It’s your right and it could save your life.

SAY SOMETHING!! to your teen who thinks they’re invincible. Parents shouldn’t outlive their kids.

SAY SOMETHING!! to your parents who think their clean driving record is an excuse to take unnecessary risks.

SAY SOMETHING!! to your grandparents who are cool enough to know how to text, but, you want them around long enough to be great-grandparents.

SAY SOMETHING!! to your husband/wife because you can’t imagine not growing old with them.

SAY SOMETHING!! to your employees, because it’s your responsibility as their employer & their contribution is important..

SAY SOMETHING!! to your co-workers, because they are part of your team & you want them to show up tomorrow.

SAY SOMETHING!! to your classmates, because the site of their empty chair would be a horrific reminder that you might have made a difference.

SAY SOMETHING!! to your friends, because they are ‘your person’ & good friends are priceless.


Who would you SAY SOMETHING!! to and what would [will] you say?

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