3 Types of Lesser Known Distractions Behind the Wheel

3 Types of Lesser Known Distractions Behind the Wheel

Guest Post by: Louise Hudson

Texting while at the wheel (4351110509)

Distracted driving is not only extremely dangerous, it is also likely to cost you in more ways than one, if your actions lead to an accident occurring while you were driving without paying attention to the road in front of you.

Fear and potential mayhem
There are some interesting statistics that were released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which show that when our mind wanders and we are distracted from our primary goal of driving the car, not only do we dramatically raise our statistical odds of causing potential mayhem on the highway, but your fellow road-users are living in fear of your actions.

The NHTSA poll conducted showed that an incredibly high 90% of drivers feared other road-users who drive while distracted. You will probably not be surprised to learn that a poll, that was conducted by the administration in 2011, showed that 86% of drivers admitted to occasionally eating or drinking whilst driving.

Whatever you do other than driving has the potential to cause a serious accident or even a fatality, whether you are on your cell phone, doing your makeup or adjusting the volume on your radio, they all create a distraction that could prove fatal.

Watching TV behind the wheel
When you search out your car on a site , you might want to check out the local laws that apply to the state where you intend to drive your car.

We would not wish to make light of what is a serious problem that applies to drivers everywhere, especially when it is considered that texting while driving or using your cell phone in general, is actually considered almost more dangerous than drunk-driving, and we all know how wrong that is.

A bizarre law in Alaska does not permit you to watch a visual display while driving such as a TV or computer screen, but the general law does not specify a ban on the use of cell phones. It appears however that the authorities in Alaska have recognised the anomaly and signed a new bill into law in 2012 which specifically mentions cell phone texting, so they are catching up with the rest of the states now when it comes to dealing with this problem.

When driving becomes secondary
This should never be the case of course, but it does make you wonder what was in the minds of some drivers who appear to be totally preoccupied with another activity, with disastrous consequences.

A study by Rospa showed that when analyzing a typical three hour period of driving, an incredible 40% of subjects who were questioned said they had at some point been reading or writing whilst behind the wheel.

Doing what comes naturally
Probably one of the most bizarre distracted driver cases to come before a judge, involved a man from southern Minnesota who pleaded guilty to having sex while driving his car.

He veered off the road and killed two people yet the man claims that it is an incident that he has no recollection of, which if it were true is worrying on so many levels.

Driver distraction is a major problem and if you pick up your cell phone or get distracted in any number of common or unusual ways, you are putting your life and the lives of other road-users at risk, so please just concentrate on enjoying your drive without succumbing to the temptation to multi-task, the statistics show that we are not very good at that anyway.

Author Bio: Louise Hudson is a driving safety consultant. Her articles mainly appear on cars and driving blogs. Visit the Dubizzle Egypt site for cars classifieds.

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