Is Car Safety De-evolving Thanks to Tech Advances?

Is Car Safety De-evolving Thanks to Tech Advances?

Rogers & Sprint announce wireless systems will soon be available in vehicles to help keep Canadians connected. According to CBC News [Rogers, Sprint to offer wireless system in vehicles], Rogers says Canadians “want to be connected from anywhere, at any time.”

The plan includes providing connectivity to news, sports scores (‘cos who can get from point A to B without knowing this kind of information), weather alerts, driving directions and vehicle diagnostics with the use of an in-dash touch screen. While some of this information, typically available on most news & traffic radio stations, is related to road safety; the safety protocols for connectivity to smart phones and tablets is conspicuously absent.

Contrary to increases in car safety technology outlined in the infographic below, ‘120 Years of Car Safety Evolution,’ the idea of making connectivity a higher priority than vehicle/passenger safety is puzzling at best…irresponsible at worst.

What do you think are some of the best advances in vehicle safety since the 1800’s?

Share your thoughts on the worst in-car distractions thanks to advancements in technology?

Road to Car Safety Infographic
Courtesy of: Smith’s Lawyers

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