App Your Way Into Better Driving

App Your Way Into Better Driving

The days of ending up on the side of the road desperately trying to read your map with a miniature keychain flashlight are over. Today, applications have automated many of the tasks we used to struggle with before, including driving. According to Localytics, a mobile device is the first and last thing that 29 percent of Americans look at every day. While you shouldn’t be looking directly at your mobile device while driving, there are still a feel great apps that can improve your overall driving experience.

Auto Insurance Applications Keep You Protected

There are many auto insurance applications available, such as the State Farm Pocket Agent application, which can be found on the State Farm website. Auto insurance apps provide a wide variety of features–you can report claims, change your coverage, make your payments and simply connect to a customer service representative. The claim reporting feature is extremely valuable on a mobile device, as it allows you to quickly take pictures of the event in question, record what happened and send it into your claim agent right away. If you have some kind high speed connection on your phone, like 4G coverage from T-Mobile or other providers, you can file claims at lightning speed. Mobile apps such as the USAA App for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android also allow you to present electronic proof of insurance in the event that it’s needed, according to

Get There Faster With Map and Traffic Applications

There are a multitude of applications available that offer a driver the opportunity to map out their route. One of the most comprehensive solutions is the Waze Social GPS Maps and Traffic application (found at Blackberry’s Appworld page), which not only allows you to anticipate traffic but also connects you to your friends and shows you the best places to get gasoline. Full voice-guided navigation allows you to never have to take your eyes off of the road, which is a great benefit. This application is also completely free. LewatMana ( is another free application that keeps you updated with traffic information through CCTV and crowd-sourcing.

Avoid Speeding Tickets With Speeding and Cam Applications

Speeding applications such as Speedometer ensure that you never go faster than you should. This interesting application will actually project your speed onto your windshield so that you can view your MPH without getting distracted, as mentions. A free version is available as well as a paid version that omits ads. The Speedometer could potentially be distracting to some people, which means that drivers should be extremely cautious throughout its use. CamSam, found at Appworld, is another application that alerts you when you’re in proximity to a camera. While we don’t ever condone speeding, the application could be useful to some.

It’s Happened Again… Where’s the Car?

If you’re at all like us, you lose track of your car almost every time you park it. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Car Finder, among other similar applications, will let you easily find your car every time you park it. All you have to do is activate the application (available at Appworld) when you park your car. Then, when you need to find your car the application will guide you directly to it using GPS. This application will undoubtedly save you hours of time searching for your vehicle every time you go to the mall.

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