Changing Driver Behavior & Beliefs Through Storytelling – ‘From One Second To The Next’ Documentary

Changing Driver Behavior & Beliefs Through Storytelling – ‘From One Second To The Next’ Documentary

Stories over Statistics…that encapsulates the foundation of the Drop It And Drive program. We get bombarded with statistics on so many road safety issues that it doesn’t take long for them to just become numbers, forgetting that each statistic is a person. In 2011, our daughter was a statistic; she was one of the tens of thousands of injuries caused by distracted drivers in Canada. How many Canadians saw her as just a statistic? She wasn’t and isn’t a number; she’s our daughter who was hurt at just 8-years-old in a preventable crash because someone wasn’t doing their job.

In the nearly three years of running Drop It And Drive, my co-speakers and I have shared countless stories…our own and others’ in order to get our audience to look past the numbers and see the people that represent those statistics. Our goal is to get our audience to care enough; care enough to change their behavior behind the wheel (or while walking) and care enough to speak up to their peers and their families about unsafe driving habits. In doing so, they may not only save their own lives, but the lives of others.

I’ve long believed that the way we’ll turn the tide on the issue of distracted driving is not just by increasing consequences through fines, points and suspensions; but by getting people to care enough to change their driving behavior and their belief system about driving safely. Texting, reading, writing, browsing, dialing, daydreaming, eating, drinking, reaching for objects, unrestrained pets, speeding, chemical impairments, and the list goes on…these are not part of safe driving.

So far, we’ve reached about 20,000 youth & established drivers throughout British Columbia, Alberta & Ontario…there are so many more we need to reach across Canada. Too many are dying too soon, too young & too fast in preventable crashes.

herzog documentary

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Werner Herzog’s profound documentary ‘From One Second To The Next‘ is hard to watch; it’s hard to hear the stories of families torn apart, of ‘nice’ young men responsible for killing innocent people because they were texting while driving. But, it’s a documentary that has huge potential to save lives if we can get enough people to watch it, feel it & care enough to change.

Take 35 minutes out of your day to watch it, show it to the people you love & share it with everyone. Care enough to make a difference.

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