Distracted Driving – Teens vs. Adults

Distracted Driving – Teens vs. Adults

It was in October 2010, the same month we launched, that King 5 News pitted teens against adults in a challenge, hosted by Allstate Insurance, to find out who was the safer driver under distracting scenarios. It was fathers against daughters and grandfathers against grandsons in this light-hearted, but eye-opening live demonstration.

With cones and inflatable ‘dummies’ representing obstacles and children on the road; both generations hit at least one object while distracted. Distractions included cell phone conversations, in-car conversations and carloads of teenagers…all of which provided sufficient distraction to result in poor to dangerous driving.

Seventeen-year-old Zach Lovett and his grandfather Steve Yabroff took turns driving their family’s Mazda with a manual transmission.  Zach admits the hand held cell phone drove him crazy.

“It’s actually very, very irritating,” said Zach.  He says he rarely talks on the phone while driving, and then uses a hands-free device, as is required under Washington State law.

But Zach goes further:  blaming adults for often setting bad examples to teen drivers.

“They were trained ‘way back when.’  They don’t need to update their license and driver safety.  They’re grandfathered in.  Its just terrifying,” said Zach.

Zach claims he and his friends drive better than many adults, because the teens recently learned about the risks of distracted driving in driver’s education classes.

There are those who agree with these laws and those who don’t; however, the fact is, the laws are in place and adults should be setting the example for the next generation of drivers. If any doubt remains about the dangers of distracted driving, a stroll through our YouTube Channel with over 200 videos will help bring the point home.

Teens Say Parents DWD Apr 2013Do you see your teens emulating your example at the wheel? If you can’t stand the thought of your teen taking the risks you do, perhaps it’s time to re-think your definition of safe driving.

Full news story & video: http://www.king5.com/news/local/TEENS-VS-ADULTS-IN-DISTRACTED-DRIVING-CHALLENGE-106384499.html

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    Thank you for the ongoing posts, which are very informative and often eye-opening! Keep them coming . . .

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