What Happens when a Crotch Rocket Doing 155MPH Impales a VW

What Happens when a Crotch Rocket Doing 155MPH Impales a VW

Visual representations of the catastrophic consequences of distracted driving can be extremely effective in curbing poor choices when driving. However, it is imperative that the stories are accurate or else your message loses all credibility.

The most recent efforts to demonstrate the dangers of cell phone use while driving are extremely well-intentioned, but a little research revealed the true cause of this horrific crash. The cause actually reinforces our message since Day 1 of Drop It And Drive – distracted driving is not just about cell phone use, it’s about anything that takes your attention away from driving. That includes this fatal combination of speeding (motorcyclist) & cognitive distraction (VW driver).

According to Swedish media, and as reported in SNOPES, this collision took place in 2003 when a motorcyclist was travelling at the astonishing speed of 155 MPH or 255 KM/H.  The driver of the VW took a left turn in front of the oncoming motorcyclist and the pictures below are the result. No one will ever know what possessed the motorcyclist to travel at such reckless speeds or why the driver of the VW didn’t see him coming before they turned….the two drivers and a passenger in the VW all died on impact.






It doesn’t matter what the distraction is when this is the end result. Nothing you’re doing behind the wheel, other than driving, is worth your or someone’s life.

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