Get the Message: Distracted Driving is Deadly Video

Get the Message: Distracted Driving is Deadly Video

So, what is it going to take to get the message across to youth–and established drivers–that distracted driving can, and does, have deadly consequences?

We take informal polls during our reality-based high school presentations about whether Canadian PSA’s are too tame and if today’s youth need a more ‘in your face’ approach to break through. With the onslaught of graphic visual imagery in video games, advertising, movies, television…the list goes on, the teens we speak to feel they need the realism in order to get it or else it just doesn’t seem real enough that it could happen to them.

The response is almost always unanimous that the PSA’s we show from other countries are the ones that should be shown in Canada if we’re going to turn this issue around. The combination of realistic PSA’s and our personal stories seem to have the desired impact; students are committing to not only not driving distracted themselves, but also to showing our videos and talking with friends and family about the risks.

This is probably one the best videos I’ve seen that accurately and realistically depicts the potential consequences of a moment’s distraction when at the wheel. I look forward to your comments and views.

Note of caution: It is graphic and realistic – reasonable viewer discretion is advised.

Unfortunately, embedding has been disabled by request, please click the link to view on YouTube:

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