Are Infographics Effective in Converting Chronic Distracted Drivers?

Are Infographics Effective in Converting Chronic Distracted Drivers?

Infographics are starting to pop up all over the place and one of the most recent topics is distracted driving. Are infographics the way to go? Who’s the target audience? Is the right audience?

I find that most of our loyal social media followers are already on board with the concept of not driving distracted. Granted, those Twitter and Facebook followers often pass that information along to their social circle thereby reaching those still not convinced that distracted driving can have deadly consequences. Social media has taken the classic example of  the viral marketing approach of “they told two friends, and they told two friends” (I digress, but here’s a cool blog post on this) and put it on steroids.

But, how do we reach those distracted drivers who still believe:

  • it’s okay
  • it’s low-risk
  • they’ve not caused a crash (yet)
  • the law is bogus
  • it’s their right to do what they want in their vehicle
  • multi-tasking at the wheel is easy if you’re smart enough

Hmm, I’m not sure if there’s any one solution to that question. However, the other question remains, is the latest trend in infographics an effective method to convert the chronic distracted driver or is it just a ‘cool’ trend?

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