Texting Girlfriend While Driving: Aftermath in Pictures

Texting Girlfriend While Driving: Aftermath in Pictures

CAUTION: Do not scroll down past the first 6 pictures if you are under the age of consent and/or do not wish to see extremely graphic consequences of distracted driving.

Knowing my passion for educating teens & young adults about the dangers and potential consequences of distracted driving, a friend sent me these images some time ago. The first six have a pretty strong impact; however, the last three are extremely graphic. We sometimes use some of the first six in our presentations; however, due to the degree of ….well, gore would be the right word…in the last three, we merely describe the tragic outcome of this young man’s choice.

The decision to post this on the DIAD blog has not been made lightly. Our goal is not to try and change behaviour through fear mongering; however, this is about as clear as it can get when it comes to visually portraying consequences of distracted driving.

As the story goes, and I’ve not found anything online to disprove it, the driver was texting his girlfriend while driving when he crossed the centre line. In the end, it’s somewhat irrelevant whether or not it can be proven he was texting while driving; either way, he ended up fully on the wrong side of a straight road on a clear day…some level of driver distraction was involved.

Number 1 – The last few feet of a car after it collided head on with a truck.

Number 2 – Blackening around the engine area of the truck indicate fire.

Number 3 – Note the clear day and long straight stretch of road – the only thing wrong is the car’s in the wrong lane.

Number 4 – This is not a rescue, it’s a recovery.

Number 5 – This was a four seat model; what’s left of the driver is now in the back seat/trunk area.



Number 7

Number 8

Number 9

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3 thoughts on “Texting Girlfriend While Driving: Aftermath in Pictures

  1. Alice Vasquez

    Someone sent me this article back in 2013 with a message, Do not Text while Driving!!! Everytime I see a Smart Car, this awful accident comes to mind. I just saw a Smart Car in a Parking Lot today April 3, 2017.

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