Kids Care About Distracted Driving – Part VI “Kid on Crosswalk”

Kids Care About Distracted Driving – Part VI “Kid on Crosswalk”

This Pacific Academy grade three student seems to accurately capture the reality too many kids are facing these days…safety on crosswalks. A well lit crosswalk with a stop sign isn’t enough to protect the crossing child from an oncoming SUV with a coffee drinking, cell phone talking, smoking driver behind the wheel.

I particularly appreciate how the artist captured the difference in size between the SUV and the small child…with a 5-year-old of my own, it’s only too clear just how vulnerable he is when walking around these enormous vehicles.

With the distractions of smoking, enjoying a hot cup of ‘Joe’ and a cell phone in hand, the potential is high for tragic outcomes even with well lit crosswalks and stop signs in place. Then, add to that the frequency of drivers who speed through school zones…against a car, a pedestrian with the right of way still loses.

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