Kids Care About Distracted Driving – Part I

Kids Care About Distracted Driving – Part I

In February, DIAD announced our 1st Annual Distracted Driving Awareness Poster Contest open to Kindergarteners through Grade 7’s in every school district throughout BC. Some might ask, what could kids that age have to say about an issue that mostly affects people at or near driving age…well, you might be surprised.

Kids from over 15 communities participated, resulting in more than 500 entries. Our judging event is scheduled for Monday, April 11th and from what I saw…it’s not going to be easy to choose just nine winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd from each of three grade categories).

Their creative, provocative and at times heartbreaking submissions range from an alien space ship hovering over traffic abducting all electronic devices with a large tractor beam to a young artists’ touching tribute to a friend lost to distracted driving as well as many commenting on their parents’ habits behind the wheel.

In honour of the effort, talent and thought that went into the 500+ entries, I’ve decided to run a series featuring some of the stand-out posters. I’d also like to acknowledge that each and every poster submitted was a privilege to see. Enjoy!

This talented Grade 3 student took law enforcement to a delightful new height. With the potentially deadly consequences of distracted driving, it’s possible that police officers may be sorely tempted to take this drastic approach. It certainly brings a new perspective to ensuring sufficient deterrents are in place. Note that the thoughtful 8-year-old was careful to ensure that the liquid being consumed was merely iced tea…touching how they wanted to be clear that this driver wasn’t guilty of drinking (alcohol) and driving in addition to the distracted driving infraction.

Note: This Blog series in no way impacts the judging event.

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