House Bill 141 – Texting Doesn’t = Distraction

House Bill 141 – Texting Doesn’t = Distraction

In an astomishing move, Idaho Rep. Marv Hagendorn (R-Meridian) believes it only sounds impossible to “keep both eyes on the road and text at the same time.” While I can somewhat applaud his creative efforts to revive their previously killed texting ban during last year’s legislative session, this approach defies logic.

Distracted driving is gaining notoriety as a road safety danger matching if not surpassing that of drinking and driving. Evidence that distracted drivers are a threat to everyone on and off the road is supported by government, industry and individuals. The U.S. Department of Transportation has a web site overflowing with information about the dangers of distracted driving –

Perhaps Rep. Hagendorn also hasn’t been made aware of industry leader Toyota USA who has partnered with Discovery Education to create Toyota Teen Driver, a web site providing comprehensive resources and tools to help teens avoid distractions behind the wheel.

Maybe an introduction to the families of the Remember Alex Brown Foundation and the Casey Feldman Network would sufficiently educate Idaho Legislature about the life ending dangers of distracted driving.

“Texting is OK so long as you’re not distracted”…seriously!?

Insurance Journal Mar. 1, 2011 Article

Please help bring education to BC teens by voting for DIAD in Cycle 5 of the Pepsi Refresh Project

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2 thoughts on “House Bill 141 – Texting Doesn’t = Distraction

  1. Karen Swim

    I share your feelings about House Bill 141. In an attempt to creatively compromise, the bill has been neutered laughable and ineffective. I’m all for compromising but there are times when you must simply stand your ground and fight for what is right. As you pointed out, this is not a cause of the day but a public safety threat. For Casey, and Alex and so many others we are willing to be uncompromising in our devotion to pushing awareness and advocacy to end distracted driving.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Karen, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. When information is so easily shared on a global level, it’s hard to imagine that this Representative and the Idaho Legislature are unaware of the lives being unnecessarily lost due to distracted driving. This is an issue shared amongst nations, and we should be coming together to help save lives through education, advocacy and awareness.

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