Sneaky texter gets a break, but not the point

Sneaky texter gets a break, but not the point


If the sudden brake lights and overall decrease in acceleration I observe when in traffic are to be believed, the majority of drivers spot an operational, unmarked police car from a distance.

Then there are those who are more focused on the little electronic gadget they furtively conceal in their lap or down by the floor-mounted gear shift. No longer do these drivers hold their phones up to their ears or balance the gadget on the steering wheel while texting.

The effectiveness of new legislation concerning cellphone use while driving has met with some lively debate.

There are recent studies out of the United States reporting how collisions attributed to cellphone use have increased. It’s suggested drivers are still using their phones but being more covert, which distracts them further – the proof of which I witnessed last week.

…As the car pulled ahead I blipped my lights and siren. This is usually enough to spark a reaction and it drew the expected response of flashing brake lights from everybody but the driver I was concerned about. She continued on, blissfully unaware, apparently deafened to a 115-decibel siren by the distractions in her car.


Full Article: Sneaky texter gets a break, but not the point.

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