Praise ‘n Peeves – Sharing Distracted Driving Stories

Praise ‘n Peeves – Sharing Distracted Driving Stories

Are the days gone when you can hop in your car, truck or on your bike and enjoy a leisurely and safe drive to your destination? It can feel like getting from Point A to Point B first and fastest, all the while staying digitally connected to the outside world, is now the main priority for most road warriors.

Do you ever notice how shocked and amazed you are when another driver shows consideration, caution or a dare I say it, a willingness to be helpful and accommodating? It’s an absolute delight when a driver realizes that there is more than just themselves in the advance turn lane and actually watches for the light to change so they can efficiently make their way around the corner, allowing several cars to follow. Or, the incredible rarity of the conscientious driver pulled over to the side of the road to make or take a phone call.

On the flip side, how disturbingly predictable when you find it necessary to engage Herculean defensive driving techniques to avoid the distracted driver casually drifting into your lane, currently occupied by you; or when a talking ‘n texting technogeek is blissfully unaware that elbow or knee driving — while staring at the aforementioned technogadget — is not sufficient to avoid travelling down the middle of the road, hopefully, swerving back into their lane barely avoiding a head on collision.

The Drop It And Drive Praise ‘n Peeves page is the place where you can share your Praise about deserving drivers and vent your Peeves about the not-so-deserving drivers. Please do not include names or licence plate information in your comments; they will be edited out. So, I recommend something like this…

PRAISE – to the dark-haired woman in the black sports car on Hwy 176 at Golden Ears Way who realized that I, along with the rest of the lane behind me, was just trying to merge into traffic from Golden Ears Way to head over the highway. Thanks for letting me in during the morning rush and with a smile to boot. You made my day.

PEEVES – to the young guy in the black truck at 88th and 200th who was so busy looking for something on his passenger side floor that he didn’t notice the light change, and when prompted with one of the socially acceptable “beep beeps” to bring his attention back to the road, proceeded to make his way around the advance turn at no more than 10KM/hr resulting in only he and two others getting through the lights. (Sorry folks behind me, I tried.) Not content to disrupt the traffic behind him, he continued looking for his CD or whatever it was on the floor and nearly drove into the side of me as I moved up beside him to take a right at the next lights. Dude! Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

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