If the driver is distracted, it’s no accident…it’s a crash/collision

Our Drop It And Drive™ education programs have been delivered across Canada and the United States to more than 55,000 youth and workers. Our use of ‘Science & Real-life Stories over Statistics’ is effective in changing driver behaviours and beliefs when it comes to distracted driving and distractions in the workplace. Most people are well aware that distracted driving is dangerous; therefore, our focus is on explaining and demonstrating what behaviours increase risk and why, as well as sharing stories of the real consequences of these behaviours. Our multi-speaker, 100% customized, reality-based seminars are factual, energetic, thought provoking, improvisational and interactive with our audience.

Drop It And Drive™ (DIAD) has been incorporated into the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF; www.tirf.ca). Beginning in 2017, DIAD began operating under the auspices of TIRF as a TIRF educational program. TIRF is an internationally recognized, independent road safety research institute, and a registered Canadian charity dedicated to identifying evidence-based road safety solutions.

DIAD and TIRF started working together in 2013, and have consistently grown their partnership in the past three years, culminating in the formation of the Canadian Coalition on Distracted Driving in 2016, with sponsorship from The Co-operators, and the development of a National Action Plan for Canada. Key features of the plan, which was released on March 2, 2017, include the development of evidence-based educational strategies, as well as a repository on distracted driving research and tools. The incorporation of DIAD into TIRF is an opportunity to blend the evidence-based data and research produced by TIRF with the front-line program development and community engagement made available through DIAD since 2010.

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‘I would highly recommend to any school, municipality or corporation in Canada to have Drop It And Drive™ attend their organization to present to their students, staff or key stakeholders.’ -City of Ottawa, Traffic Management and Operational Support Branch


diad-worksafebc-quoteOur corporate risk management and employee safety program is ideal for JOH&SC (Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees) and HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) professionals seeking relevant seminar topics. Distracted driving and distractions in the workplace are a growing concern for employers. A popular option we offer corporate clients is that while we are in town, we will deliver our high school presentation to their local school(s) with the corporate client promoted as the sponsor. This helps create a community-based approach to road safety as we present to both the workforce and their kids/grandkids.

Drop It And Drive™ Program Overview
Program Goal –  Working together to reduce preventable workplace injuries and fatalities caused by distractions in the workplace.

Joint Worker/Supervisor Seminar:
diad-solutionAlthough we offer four separate programs: supervisor seminar, worker seminar, supplemental training program and the joint worker/supervisor seminar; we have found that from a joint OH&S perspective a joint worker/supervisor seminar is the most universally applicable and relevant.

The primary focus for our corporate program is safety in the workplace; whether that’s a construction site, mining operation, harvest site, head office, or even the commute to and from the worksite. While distractions related to electronic devices are more readily identifiable and easily addressed in policies, other areas of distraction are less known but just as risky, such as fatigue, complacency, and cognition. We introduce the science and research behind these distraction risks in a way that allows our audience to transition from what they think they know to a new understanding that ultimately creates behavioural change and increased worker safety.

‘Should be made mandatory for all drivers.’ -PennWest Exploration

‘Couldn’t forget this message even if I tried. Best Presentation Ever.’ -Walker Aggregates Inc.

‘Seen a few presentations on distracted driving, this was by far the best.’ – Northern Mat & Bridge Ltd.


DSC_0087The goal of Drop It And Drive™ Youth Program is to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and distracted walking with a solution-focused, reality-based approach. Providing road safety programs for elementary schools and speaking to high school students provides the opportunity to positively impact the next generation of drivers to help reduce injuries and fatalities.

‘A ‘must’ presentation for the educational system. Powerful and realistic scenarios that make the students believe in what could ultimately happen.’ -LA Matheson Secondary

‘Probably the most useful guest speakers we’ve had throughout the semester.’ -B.C., Planning 10 Student

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