Take Action. Prevent Distraction.

Drop It And Drive™ (DIAD) is a Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF; www.tirf.ca) education program focused on preventing distraction-related road user injuries and fatalities. DIAD distracted driving seminars for schools and workplaces are thought provoking and interactive, using science and real stories to engage communities in practicing safer road behaviours.

Our Drop It And Drive™ education programs have been delivered to more than 55,000 youth and workers across North America. Our focus is on explaining and demonstrating what behaviours increase risk and why, as well as sharing stories of the real consequences of these behaviours. The DIAD Program delivers unique reality-based, solution-focused multi-speaker presentations and seminars throughout Canada and the United States to raise awareness about distracted driving. Our dynamic approach delivers a powerful message with a combination of research, knowledge, personal experience, energy and humour.

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‘I would highly recommend to any school, municipality or corporation in Canada to have Drop It And Drive™ attend their organization to present to their students, staff or key stakeholders.’ -City of Ottawa, Traffic Management and Operational Support Branch


A variety of customized seminars are offered to corporate clients to strengthen workplace safety and distracted driving policy and practices. Seminars are designed to identify distraction-related risks in the workplace, and speakers work directly with managers and line staff to support the development of a distracted driving policy as well as prevention-focused activities to reinforce it. Clients are also offered a high school presentation in their community as a charitable service.

‘Should be made mandatory for all drivers.’ -PennWest Exploration

‘Couldn’t forget this message even if I tried. Best Presentation Ever.’ -Walker Aggregates Inc.

‘Seen a few presentations on distracted driving, this was by far the best.’ – Northern Mat & Bridge Ltd.


DSC_0087Our focus for teen presentations (grade 8-12) is to provide them with the science of ‘how and why’ distracted driving, and even distracted walking, is risky behaviour. We also cover the roles and responsibilities of non-drivers, as pedestrians and passengers, and how they can actively contribute to road safety through their own choices. We share personal stories to highlight the real consequences of a moment’s distraction; it is not gory, but is reality-based. At the end of the presentation we want them to feel empowered, through increased knowledge and understanding, to be road safety ambassadors within their families, school and community.

‘A ‘must’ presentation for the educational system. Powerful and realistic scenarios that make the students believe in what could ultimately happen.’ -LA Matheson Secondary

‘Probably the most useful guest speakers we’ve had throughout the semester.’ -B.C., Planning 10 Student

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